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Chris Russell

Trumbull, Connecticut, United States
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I am a 10 year veteran of the online employment space. I currently run a six figure network of regional job boards called But my new passion involves a social media recruiting tool called Jobs in Pods.

Jobs in Pods is a blog/podcast platform for employers to podcast their jobs. Think of it as an audio job board. We get companies to pay us to podcast their jobs and promote their employment brand though over the phone interviews conducted by our "Jobcasters". In each jobcast we ask questions that job seekers want answers to. Questions like;

  • whats it like to work there?
  • what kind of perks do you offer?
  • what are the people like?

We do this because job seekers are dying for real information about a company and its culture. By getting companies to showcase their employees this way we are humanizing them. We are connecting with job seekers in ways that traditional job boards cant match.