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Bryan Farrar

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
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Bryan Farrar

Founder of Wealth Ave.

President of Positive Media Group LLC. - A full service computer consulting company.

Bryan Farrar began his computer career back in 1980 acquiring his first computer a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. He quickly upgraded to a VIC-20 and then a Commodore 64 in the years that followed. During the 80's, he learned some BASIC programming skills, until moving into the more current era of computing. In 1993 he purchased a Gateway 2000 486SX-25 computer system with Windows 3.1. From that point forward he began to aggressively pursue a more serious career in the computer related industry. In 1996 he started his own home based web site development company CPR.web, which has evolved over the years, from Tactical Computer Solutions Inc. to it's current entity Positive Media Group LLC. Within Positive Media Groups business scope, Bryan has created two sub-companies to more specifically target certain areas of the computer related fields. Those two divisions are:

  • Positive Computer Repair
  • Positive Web Design

Positive Computer Repair services local area clients with computer related hardware and software issues. Everything from building a computer system from scratch, upgrading systems, trouble shooting, virus and spyware removal to database design, Positive Computer Repair seeks to keep computers up and running efficiently.

Positive Web Design targets the market for those clients seeking to create a web presence by creating, designing and hosting various web sites for its clients.

Within the last 4 years, Bryan has extensively investigated the area of marketing on the internet, studying and researching what it takes to become successful as a professional internet marketer.

As the founder of Wealth Ave and The Declaration of Financial Freedom, Bryan seeks to bring the knowledge and experienced gained over the last 27 years to the table to help those that desire to achieve success and financial freedom in their life.

Bryan also brings years of experience over the last 25 years with his involvement in the following business related fields:

  • Real Estate
  • Retail Management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales
  • Success Motivation Institute (SMI) Franchise Owner
  • Computer Instructor

Bryan also has the following certifications:

  • A+ Comp-TIA Certified
  • CIWMD - Certified Internet Webmaster Master Designer
  • CIWMA - Certified Internet Webmaster Master Administrator
  • CIWCI - Certified Internet Webmaster Certified Instructor
  • CLS - Certified Lotus Notes Specialist
  • MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer

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