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Brian O'Hanlon

New York, New York, United States
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Brian O'Hanlon has been active in marine aquaculture development for over 10 years. In 1998 he founded Snapperfarm, Inc. and since 2002 he has been producing high quality seafood off the coast of Culebra, Puerto Rico. During this period, the company developed state of the art technology for the environmentally sustainable commercial production of marine fish in the open ocean.

The accomplishments achieved by O'Hanlon and his colleagues thus far have been nationally and internationally recognized as major breakthroughs in the field of aquaculture. The results of the project have been reported worldwide in a number of publications, both in the specialized and general media, including National Geographic, ABC World News Tonight and Nightline, US News and World Report, Popular Science, Fish Farming International, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, The Miami New Times, Global Aquaculture Magazine, Sport Fishing Magazine, The San Juan Star, El Vocero, The Virgin Islands Daily News, NBC News and a number of internet news sites. Additionally, several technical presentations have been made in national and international workshops and conferences, including oral presentations given at World Aquaculture Conferences in Brazil, China, Bali, San Diego, Orlando, Honolulu and Open Ocean Aquaculture Conferences in Ireland and Canada. Private, academic and government delegations from South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Scotland, Norway, the Bahamas, Florida, Washington DC, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Texas, Louisiana and the state of Washington have visited O'Hanlon's Puerto Rico operation to learn more about the new aquaculture technology.

In 2007 O'Hanlon and his partners founded Open Blue Sea Farms to develop highly sustainable open ocean aquaculture internationally.