Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Johannesburg, South Africa
Accredited investor
Member since June 07, 2007
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Credentials Accredited Investor
1991 University of Saint Thomas , BA , Triple BBA's in Accounting, Business Administration and Economics with a Minor in Philosophy

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Revenue and Profit Catalyst.

Diversely Experienced Human Being with a High EQ.

American Citizen Permanently Residing in South Africa.

Long History of Entrepreneurial Activity.

Real Estate Idiot Savant.

Born 1966 in Los Angeles, USA. An American citizen permanently residing in South Africa. Moved to South Africa from Houston, Texas, USA, in December of 2002. Following an elective one year sabatical ending in October of 2003, I currently Catalyze South African Innovators to Profitability.

Strong interest in: Nanotechnology. Moore's Law. Communications Technology. Privatized Space Ventures. Systems Thinking. China. Eliminating Human Suffering. Creating and Preserving Wealth. Compound Interest/Earnings. Annuity Revenue. Urban Revitalization. Avid Reader. Occassional Writer. Rainmaker. Strong Communicator. Abundant Empathy. Extremely Intuitive.

I Know a Lot of People and I Know How to Know a Lot of People.

Largest Linked In Hub in Africa.

Sales Oriented Entrepreneur.

Skilled Entrepreneur and seasoned small business owner. Several successful ventures and a few failures/shutdowns/never-rans.

Strong Real Estate and Construction background.

Thorough understanding of service delivery in the technical arena.

Marketing with particular emphasis on sales (as opposed to branding exercises) primarily in business to business environment with some business to consumer. An understanding of the hard and soft costs associated with acquiring customers and Cost Per (customer) Acquisition modeling.

Entrepreneurial Development and Business Incubation.

Serial & Social Entrepreneur.

American Living and Working in Africa.

Formally trained at University (in USA) as an Accountant, Economist, Business Manager and Philosopher.

Business Experience in: Start-ups. Boot Strap Financing. Annuity Revenue Models. Small Business Consulting. Financial and Managerial Accounting. Tax. Office Automation. Sales. Major Account Management. SMME Account Management. Distribution. Service Delivery. Finance and Leasing. Equipment Manufacturing and Re-Manufacturing. Real Estate Management and Consulting. Property Development and Urban Re-Development. Home Building. Mortgage (Bond) Finance. Investment / Portfolio Management. Fundraising. Strategy Formulation and Management. Systems Thinking. New Ideas. New Processes.

Serious Gardener. Make Great Pesto. Love Olives. Love Avocadoes More.

Chief Operating Officer of Blue Catalyst.

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