Bobbi Jo Price

Bobbi Jo Price

Oakland, California, United States
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Bobbi Jo Price, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnywhereVault, is responsible for the day-today management and strategic direction of the company. Her focus is building strong partnerships with professionals and businesses that will further enhance the features and services currently offered, so AnywhereVault continues to give its customers more. Prior to co-founding Anywherevault, Bobbi Jo served on the finance side of higher education for seven years. She worked with the Business Offices of hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide to assist them in managing their Accounts Receivable.


Bobbi Jo’s passion is to educate people on the simple actions they can take before a loss, so if they suffer a fire, theft, or natural disaster they can recover more quickly, with less heartache and financial loss. On the weekends she enjoys staying active by competing in duathlons and distance road cycling and mastering the martial art of Seido.