Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

Kennebunk, Maine, United States
Member since March 13, 2008
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What about Bob?

Mr. Stewart served Malcolm Baldridge award winning Motorola’s $1B Internet and Networking Group, during his tenure the head of Motorola quality named him Chief Technology Officer while he personally earned Motorola’s highest information technology ranking of Strategic Advisor Technical Analyst for his role in directing cross-functional teams to develop highly secure and federally audited Internet-centric, encrypted communications systems.

Until May 2006, Mr. Stewart was Chief Technology Officer for John Sculley’s Verified Person deep background screening concern located in New York City where he organized and outsourced development and quality operations to Patni Computer Systems of India. Bob web service enabled Verified Person’s multi-terrabyte datawarehouse service providing market efficiencies which catalyzed hyper growth for their customers.

Stewart is currently Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of CyberMedica Stewart was the original Chief Technology Officer and a Vice President at CyberMedica before he purchased the company’s intellectual property portfolio and remaining assets in 2002. The CyberMedica Foundation improves responsible research around the world and participates as standards provider of peer-reviewed infrastructure platforms for technology to deliver secure open-systems for collaborative scientific research for biotech and pharmaceutical discoveries for companies worldwide.

Prior to CyberMedica, Stewart was an investment advisor with a number of venture capital firms in North America and Europe. He has also been involved, both as an investment advisor and a transition manager, in substantial M&A activity including a $220M acquisition from BellSouth and a $290M acquisition from Compaq (now HP).

Stewart also earned global recognition as Chief Technology Officer for CMGI’s Zip2 and, which was ranked a ‘Top-25 Portal’ during his tenure. Stewart was responsible for all aspects of corporate information technology and production technical delivery departments for CMGI’s personal portal business units where he managed a worldwide staff of over 180 professionals.

Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit started several technology services companies in the early nineties. Before that he served for several years as the Production Director of then family owned, national magazine and book publisher, Northland Press, Inc. which he joined shortly after his discharge from the Marine Corps following attendance at the University of New England.