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Andrew Hairetis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Andrew Hairetis is the CEO and co-founder of CoActLive!, a provider of Enterprise 2.0 business solutions. Andrew he has successfully launched products in the Real Estate, Legal, Architecture and Gaming industries encompassing a variety of solutions. His latest involvement is with Triking Games, a gaming company which produced Anachronism®, The Greatest Game in History™. Along with CoActLive!, Mr. Hairetis is also involved in launching, a faith-based social networking service for religious organizations. Prior to this, Andrew was a consultant working for The Walt Disney Company on technology assessment and implementation projects including the latest theme park development of Hong Kong Disney Land. He has also worked with the Burger King Corporation and NCR. He has been consistently involved in mission critical projects such as Disney’s Y2K compliance effort in 1999, a park wide IT consolidation in 2001 and many technology review studies of park-wide operations. He holds a bachelors degree in Business from Cornell University and an MBA from Georgia State University.