emil cohen

emil cohen

Website: http://www.generalshoppingstore.com
Los Angeles, California, United States
Member since March 09, 2009
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2005 UCLA , BA , Business

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Emil Cohen is the Ceo of the General Shopping store, We are base in Los Angeles, CA but doing business worldwide,

the general shopping store was launch base on social network ideas where other business will be able to partner on selling they products using our business portal. the general shopping store name come from the ideas os selling any great product online for less.

General Shopping Store generalshoppingstore.com makes online shopping easy to Find Great Products Online, Compare, Shop and Save on beauty, fashion, health, wellness, love, sex, parenting, pregnancy, women, woman, shopping ideas, gifts, shopping lifestyle, shopping lifestyle, forum, forums, quiz, quizzes, shopping, online shopping, online magazine, magazine, online women magazine, recipes, Apparel, Auto, Parts, Books, Cameras, Cell, Phones, phones, Clothes, Clothing, Clothing, Accessories, Computers, Desks, Dvd, Fashion, Fashion, Accessories, Furniture, games, Handbags, Hardware, Home, Accessories, Jewelers, Jewellery, Kitchenware, Lighting, Genral, Merchandise, Music, Cd, photographic, equipment, Posters, Restaurant, Equipment, Software, Toys, Video, Video, Games, Watch, Telecom Products, Hardware, DIY, Garments, Textiles, Electronic, Components, Auto Parts, Accessories, Sports, Leisure Gifts, Premiums Electronics, Baby Children Products, Computer Products, Fashion Accessories, Home Products, Security Products,

Retail Online Shopping Stores Partnering with social networking and media websites! that's the new trend retail always will need good marketing strategies and advertising, social networking and social media always will need booth things, products to run large production, and will always need good PR and online and off line marketing.
We offer all in one package, we will negotiate with you over our offers.
it's like two ways street,
we partner together for mutual interest, it's all about Trusted Partners: How Companies Build Mutual Trust and Win Together, see'n the big picture it was allways our pattern of success.
Social Networking Media Partnering with us in Online Shopping Stores We building large database of web developers, social networking, media network and marketing together with retailers wholesale general merchandise suppliers, closeouts liquidations products providers worldwide.
with products like Telecom Products Hardware DIY Garments Textiles Electronic Components Auto Parts Accessories Sports Leisure Gifts Premiums Electronics Baby Children's Products Computer Products Fashion Accessories Home Products Security Products.
We would like you to partner with us if you have the professional skills like web developer, social networking media marketing or Wholesale and Manufacturing, import and export your place is with us Benefits of Partnering on large Production of the General Shopping Store.
for more information visit our blog and website

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generalshoppingstore.com makes online shopping easy to Find Great Products Online, Compare, Shop and Save.