Seesmic sees off new app for iPhone

Ronny Kerr · May 21, 2010 · Short URL:

Launching immediately after official Twitter app hits the iPhone, Seesmic could have some trouble

Seesmic for iPhoneLate Thursday night Seesmic announced that its social application for managing multiple social accounts is now available for the iPhone.

With support built-in right from the beginning, Seesmic for iPhone gives users the ability to update across many different accounts instantaneously, including Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, and others.

Conveniently enough, while a user will be able to switch between different accounts with a swipe of the screen, Seesmic also aggregates friends' recent updates, replies, messages, and profiles onto a single screen for easy access. Users can customize their main dashboard with spaces for Accounts, Searches, Trending Topics, Lists, and more to come soon.

What's excellent about the Seesmic iPhone app is just how deep its functionality goes. For users who add their Facebook profile, for example, reading the live feed, liking and commenting on posts, and viewing shared videos and photos is a breeze. Likewise, users can save messages and updates to Evernote and upload photos to the photo service of their choice.

Heavy Twitter users should not be disappointed, since Seesmic comes packaged with all the essential features of your standard mobile Twitter application, and more. That means powerful searches (which can be saved), Twitter lists, and multimedia tweets are all included.

On top of everything, Seesmic offers the ability to add location to update.

The Seesmic app launches just a couple days after the launch of the official Twitter for iPhone app, actually a rebranding of a powerful Twitter application called Tweetie. Though the app used to cost $2.99, Twitter pegged the price down to nil and, as a result, the app has rocketed to the number one slot on the App Store's top (free) apps.

For just launching this week, Seesmic looks like it has a lot of promise. Still, it will have to be pretty top-notch to beat out the official Facebook and Twitter apps available for free in the App Store. For users who often update more than just two social media accounts, however, it might be a no-brainer.

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