Google purchases Labpixies for iGoogle love

Ronny Kerr · April 27, 2010 · Short URL:

Latest Google acquisition is a small one, but shows the significance of personalized homepages

LabpixiesGoogle announced Monday night that it has acquired Labpixies, one of the first developers of creative Web applications for iGoogle, the personalized homepage for Google users.

iGoogle provides a centralized location for users who love to start their browser with Google search, but want something a little extra. The page is completely customizable, encouraging one to add widgets related to email, videos, news, weather, games, and more. These widgets can be added all over the page and rearranged endlessly, providing for a decidedly personal experience.

Since iGoogle launched in May 2005, Labpixies has developed countless gadgets for the service, including Tetris-inspired games like Trio and Flood-It! as well as more productive utilities like ToDo and Calorie Calculator.

"One of the first developers to create gadgets for iGoogle was Labpixies," writes Don Loeb of the iGoogle team. "Over the years, we worked closely together on a variety of projects, including the launch of a number of global OpenSocial based gadgets. Recently, we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team, and as such, we're thrilled to announce the acquisition of Labpixies."

Many of the startup's most popular gadgets, Flood-It! especially, are available on various other Web and mobile platforms, including Android, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5, and Yahoo. Facebook and Apple, two of Google's biggest growing competitors, also get to share in the Labpixies fun.

The team, to be based in Tel Aviv, Israel, will specifically be supporting iGoogle services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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