Netflix now available on all Wii's

Chris Caceres · April 12, 2010 · Short URL:

Online video rental company makes streaming disc available to all its customers

If you've been waiting for the Netflix instant streaming disc for the Wii, the wait is over.  Netflix announced on Monday it's made available the disc to all members who want one.    

Initially, Netflix was rolling out these discs in small batches to only a few select members.  I got mine actually just a few weeks back and it works great.  The disc brings Netflix' instant streaming feature to your living room television at no extra cost to your membership.

This isn't the first video game console to have Netflix made available on it.  The video rental company is already streaming movies to the PS3 and XBox 360.  The quality is significantly lower on the Wii as the console only supports resolutions up to 480p.  Nothing close to the PS3 or XBox 360 which can run 720p and 1080p videos.  

There are around 26 million Wii consoloes in the US alone, so Netflix could potentially grow its userbase with this move.  Also, Netflix has been pushing its instant streaming service, as the costs are significantly cheaper than mailing out a physical DVD.  Reports across the Web estimate it costs Netflix about $0.06 to deliver an SD stream and $0.09 to deliver an HD stream.  In contrast Netflix spends about 78 cents out and back for sending a DVD via physical mail.

If you're interested in getting a disc, you can sign up for it here.  Don't get your hopes up to be streaming a bunch of new release titles though, Netflix isn't plentiful in those.  For the most part you'll find older titles.  Also, Netflix recently announced a deal with Warner Bros. that would delay renting new release DVD's until 28 days after they are released in retail store.  In exchange, Warner Bros. would make more titles available for streaming to Netflix customers. 

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