OneRiot releases real-time trending ads

Ronny Kerr · March 19, 2010 · Short URL:

Real-time web search engine announces the availability of ad units for trending sites like Twitter

RiotWise Trending adsOneRiot today announced the release of RiotWise trending ad units that, like the feeds they're meant to follow, automatically generate real-time advertising content related to trending topics.

The Boulder, Colorado-based company launched RiotWise in October 2009 as an ad format specifically targeted at publishers interested in monetizing content on the real-time Web.

Trending ads had previously been available only through OneRiot's API, which left a lot of work to developers. With today's announcement, any real-time Web service--social networks, meme trackers, etc.--can easily implement the ad units.

"RiotWise Trending Ad Units serve fresh content that’s relevant right now," said OneRiot General Manager Tobias Peggs. "It’s perfect for social networks, realtime meme trackers and other social sharing services where users are primarily in discovery mode and rabidly consume content related to trending topics. Now those sites have a smart way to monetize with an ad product that makes sense to their users."

Likely the more dependent a site is upon real-time generated content, the more likely the trending RiotWise advertising content will appeal to users on the site.

One Riot says these trending ads generate "click through rates at four times industry norms."

Founded in 2006, OneRiot has raised $27.3 million to date via three rounds of funding, the last taking place in August 2009. Both Spark Capital and Appian Ventures have contributed to all three rounds.

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OneRiot is the advertising network for the realtime social web.

OneRiot partners with leading brands and media companies to reach millions of social influencers across an exclusive network of top Twitter apps, mobile apps, social networks and content discovery sites.

The OneRiot audience is savvy, socially-connected and always-on. They do not respond well to traditional advertising. Instead, they rapidly consume and share content that’s relevant to current social and conversational trends.

When you partner with OneRiot, we’ll match your campaign content to these trends in realtime, and promote it to a targeted audience across our network. Our proprietary Trending Topics Engine and realtime content matching capabilities combine to deliver resonant brand messages at just the right time. Realtime campaigns with OneRiot build brand awareness, community engagement and drive viral social sharing.

We offer kick-ass solutions for Brands and MarketersMedia CompaniesDevelopers and Publishers.

OneRiot is a privately held company. Our investors include Spark CapitalCommonwealth Capital Partnersand Appian Ventures.