Tumblr registers 15,000 new users daily

Ronny Kerr · March 8, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/e3b

Along with striking other milestones, Tumblr set to roll out revenue-generating features

Simple blogging platform Tumblr has just decided to share some interesting statistics with the Web world.

Serving up 500 terabytes of data on 82 servers, the site saw one billion pageviews in February. In addition to registering 18 new posts and 5 reblogs every second, Tumblr claims that 2,000,000 posts are made per day and 15,000 new users sign up daily.

Tumblr, somewhere between the fully fleshed out blog experience of WordPress and the minimal microblogging world of Twitter, seeks to offer a truly simple but elegant blog for any and all customers. Users can post nearly anything they can imagine: text, photos, quotes, links, dialogues, audio, video, slideshows, and more.

Last week, the blogging company launched a new feature called Pages, which gives users the option to add static pages to their blogs, perfect for setting up a simply arranged page specifically for sharing static information with others.

Interestingly, Tumblr revenue?Tumblr is expected to release a couple revenue-generating features next month, though the only information anyone has now is that at least one of these features will be represented by the widget shown in the picture.

As with any startup, discovering how to create revenue is one of the biggest problems to solve, especially after amassing a huge following of fans. The pressure is definitely on for these mini-blog services to figure out their long-term plans.

Posterous, a major competitor for Tumblr, recently raised a well-earned $4.4 million Series A from a variety of investors.

Comparably, Tumblr raised a $4.5 million Series B round from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital back in December of 2008.

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