Facebook #1 site in US this Christmas

Chris Caceres · December 29, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/cb8

Social networking giant hits another milestone, beats out Google as most visited site this holiday

Facebook has sure seen a lot in 2009.  From explosive growth in registered users to changing its privacy policies, the social network is at the tip of everyones conversations.  

But this Christmas the social networking giant has reached another milestone - Web analytics company Hitwise announced this morning "Facebook was the most visited site in the US on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  First time the site has been the #1 visited US site ever."

Take note, this means Facebook beat out search giant Google for those two days.  Just goes to show how relevant Facebook is to its 350 million users and growing.  After all, the holidays are about being together with the people you love and Facebook is all about staying digitally connected with your friends and family.

Last year, Facebook came in at number two right behind Google, according to HitWise.  Another note, Facebook was the number one search term in 2009.  Last year the number one search term according to HitWise was MySpace.

Image source - Warm 103

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