Everlater receives Series A funding

Chris Caceres · November 5, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/ba9

Techstars startup receives investment from Highway 12 Ventures, leveraging Facebook Connect

Techstars graduate, Everlater has received an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from Highway 12 Ventures.  Mark Solon of Highway 12 Ventures told TechCrunch the amount is more of a seed fund and less than $1 million.  

Boulder, Colorado-based Everlater offers its users an online space to create a travel journal.  It hopes to attract users to post their journeys on Everlater's platform instead of the multiple options out there like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, etc.  The site is an all in one place where users to organize photos, stories, and trip details.  Users can also draw out their itineraries on Everlater's Google powered maps.  The service is free.

At the same time, Everlater isn't trying to compete with other potential services people could post their trips on, like Facebook.  Instead the site integrates Facebook Connect and let users post comments or login with their Facebook accounts.  Obviously a smart move for Everlater so it could potentially leverage the largest social network in the world.  Everlater also posts to Twitter and is working on an iPhone application for posting on the go.

The startup came out of TechStars program in Boulder.  There the founders underwent a three month program which provides seed capital and mentorship, eventually leading to Highway 12 Ventures investing.

George Mulher, General Partner with Highway 12 Ventures said in a statement, "We are very impressed with the solution Everlater has developed, their early progress with partners and the co-founders."

Everlater plans to use the funds to expand development, marketing and sales efforts.


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