Delivery Agent raises $25 million

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Company building online marketplaces for major television networks wants to enable click-to-buy

Admit it, every so often there's an appealing product on a TV show you're interested in purchasing.  Or maybe not.  Either way, this is part of how television works, products are placed in hopes we may want to buy them- one big advertisement.

With that in mind, Delivery Agent, a company which builds online marketplaces for major TV networks, has raised $25 million in Series D funding.  Focus Ventures led the round and was joined by T-Venture, Coral Group, Ironwood Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Worldview Technology Partners and Cardinal Venture Capital.  This brings Delivery Agent's total investment to $60 million.

MTV's hit television show, "The Hills" is a clear example of how Delivery Agent can help the network make more money off its show.  Here's a potential case - one of the main characters is wearing a new necklace, and at the same time crying because the guy she was interested in left her, and of course some sappy heartbreak song is playing in the background.  The viewer likes the song and necklace, and decides to go online to purchase both items.  Delivery Agent builds the experience and store where this transaction happens.

And it's working with pretty much everybody.  San Francisco-based Delivery Agent said it is producing shopping-enabled entertainment for networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, MTV, and another 125 properties.  

But as television evolves to become more interactive and Internet-like, through the use of set-top boxes which enable more interactivity with the tube, Delivery Agent is making sure it is keeping up with these technological advancements.  The startup announced the funds would be allocated to extend itself to support these "click-to-buy" applications for online video, mobile and television.  Basically, instead of having to go to this special Website to make purchases, Delivery Agent is looking to enable people to buy products as they watch them on the show with their remote controls.  

"Our expanded commerce and marketing technology will make it possible for our entertainment partners to reach, influence and transact with audiences wherever and whenever they happen to be watching premium content, whether through their television, mobile phone, online video player or whatever else is next," said Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of Delivery Agent in a press release.

Delivery Agent said it would also be allocating the funds to build its sales team and expand abroad.

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