Z2Live stepping up iPhone gaming

Chris Caceres · August 13, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/9f1

Seattle-based gaming startup raises $3 million to launch multiplayer platform

 Z2Live is another step closer to launching its multiplayer gaming platform for the iPhone.  Today, the Seattle-based company announced $3 million in new funding from Madrona Venture Group.  The firm previously invested $1 million in seed financing to Z2Live.

Beyond the financing, Z2Live is also unveiling its multiplayer gaming platform as a preview for developers.  Targeted for iPhone and iPod touch game developers, Z2Live is basically offering an easy way to implement social gaming features into their new applications without the expense of developers having to maintain their own servers.  It also saves developers time since the multiplayer platform is already built.  Z2Live'splatform supports a wide variety of games including turn-based, racing, role-playing and even first person shooters.

Although the SDK is offered free of charge,  Z2Live does take a share of the games profits buy receiving a share of the multiplayer revenue.  In the gaming space, this can mean anything from whether the developer charges for a subscription plan to charging for upgrades and add-ons.  Z2Live argues it's much easier to grow a multiplayer gaming business than a one-time purchase gaming business.

With the quick rise of people adopting smartphones like the iPhone, Z2Live is in a very good position.  As it is, The Entertainment Software Association recently reported that 62% of gamers are already playing live social games with friends and as digital cellular networks become more accessible, we'll probably see these numbers rise.  

WIth a platform like this, gaming startups may have a chance in stepping up against well established, Zynga or SGN.

Here's a demo of the platform in action - 


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