Rupert Murdoch on the future of newspapers

Bambi Francisco Roizen · May 29, 2009 · Short URL:

Media kingpin says people will pay for newspapers online and on mobile

Rupert Murdoch appeared on Fox News Business Channel, discussing the future of newspapers. The bottom line is that Murdoch believes consumers will pay subscriptions to read online newspapers. 

Richard Greenfield, analyst at Pali Research, who alerted me to this video, said this in response to Murdoch's view that people will pay for newspapers. 

"We completely agree that people need news and want to know about their community, but we are far less certain that they will be willing to pay for it monthly, given the wide array of free content available from news sources outside the newspaper industry: CNN, ESPN, HuffingtonPost, etc...

While it is hard to imagine the vast majority of newspapers in the US shifting to a paid model online, it is even harder to imagine competing news sources, such as those mentioned above, shifting to a paid subscription model.  Even the News Corp.’s own NY Post does not charge for its website (click here). Murdoch wants consumers to pay for newspapers online, but newspapers are increasingly struggling to charge consumers for printed versions."



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