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Bambi Francisco Roizen · February 17, 2009 · Short URL:

New Web site platform to blog and monetize beyond Google's AdSense

Seattle-based DevHub, a Web site development platform, with monetization tools included, on Tuesday made its site public. This after more than a year in development.

With DevHub, a user gets free Web site hosting, drag-and-drop interfaces to build the site, content editing, RSS feeds, videos, external widgets and monetization modules. DevHub has raised a little of over $1 million in late 2007 and mid-2008, from angel investors, according to Geoff Nuval, DevHub CEO.

DevHub's service takes WordPress and Six Apart's TypePad blogging service one step further, mainly because of the easy way site publishers can drag and drop affiliate modules to enhance their site, while also making money.

For instance, if you live in Seattle and want to share your knowledge about Sushi in Seattle, you can create a page within minutes, said Nuval. 

Moreover, besides just adding text and photos, a publisher can add links to services or restaurants that relate to your site, and get paid for anyone clicking on those links.

In the case of Best Seattle Sushi, which was created using DevHub, the publisher added a link to Hana Restaurant.

 This feed came from Superpages, one of the 35 partners DevHub has integrated with. Superpages pays DevHub a fee for that click, which is in turn split with the publisher. It's simple "drag-and-drop-in business listings," explained Nuval. Among DevHub's partners include, Amazon, Pricline, and eight affiliate networks, such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and LinkShare. The affiliate networks pay per action, and not per click, Nuval added.

So, who's DevHub for? Said Nuval: "Those who want to create a Web site; who want to be rewarded monetarily and find other avenues of revenue. It could be an average blogger. As you influence a crowd, you should be monetarily rewarded. Affiliate marketers can use this as well. For affiliate marketers using TypePad or WordPress, they have to bend the blogging rules, to create real sites. Our tools are, drag, drop, boom, create."

DevHub is now seeking funds of about another $600,000 to $1 million. 

Make sure you catch their updates and track their progress on their Vator profile.


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DevHub is a free website publishing platform with full monetization capabilities. We bring hosting,  publishing tools, API integrations, and exclusive partnerships together into an easy to use ecosystem of reusable building blocks for accelerated development.

By joining the DevHub community, you can easily build vertically focused, media-rich destination sites that rewards you for promoting user-engagement.  
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