Datavant partners with Promptly Health to make healthcare data accessible in Europe

Steven Loeb · April 12, 2024 · Short URL:

The EU approved the European Health Data Space, making it easier to exchange and access health data

There's a lot of talk about the fragmented landscape when it comes to healthcare data in the US, but this is not a purely American problem. That's why the European Union last month approved a new law making it easier to exchange and access health data called the European Health Data Space.

Projected to generate around 50 billion euros of value to the healthcare ecosystem over the next decade, it aims to give individuals more control their health data, while also supporting the use of health data to improve healthcare delivery, research, innovation, and policy making. 

It's with this background that healthcare data ecosystem Datavant announced a partnership this week with Promptly Health, a provider of real-world data access in Europe, combining Datavant’s data connectivity technology to life sciences and hospital partners of Promptly’s Evidence Network. The idea is to prepare the ecosystem for the coming European Health Data Space.

Founded in 2017, Datavant allows healthcare stakeholders, such as patients, providers, payers, health analytics companies, and life sciences companies, to securely and compliantly exchange patient-level data. The company enables more than 60 million healthcare records to move between thousands of organizations, more than 70,000 hospitals and clinics, 70% of the 100 largest health systems, and an ecosystem of over 500 real-world data partners.

Promptly, meanwhile, is building a patient-centered global evidence network, offering real-world health data access capabilities. It works with life sciences companies to drive RWE studies from both sponsored collection programs and data partners, as well as healthcare providers to leverage hospital and patient generated data to improve care delivery.

Finally, it works with healthcare payers, using patient data to assess care delivery, manage network performance, and facilitate the implementation of value-based agreements.

This joint effort between Davant and Promptly will use Datavant's technology, which enables the matching of tokenised patient records, and Promptly’s data access capabilities to take routine medical data that are currently trapped in silos and turn them into research-grade data assets.

The two companies will provide health data stakeholders, including biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health insurers, regulators, and policymakers, wth visibility into patient populations to expand value-based care initiatives. They'll also seek to improve risk predictability and clinical decision-making, and close care gaps, while also generating opportunities for closer connectivity to clinical trials and life sciences projects.

The organizations plan to start their collaboration in Iberia, with plans to eventually expand to the United Kingdom and Sweden.

"The combination of Promptly's real-world data capabilities with Datavant's leading connectivity technology marks a significant shift in the way data can be integrated into health research and innovations," Pedro Ramos, CEO at Promptly, said in a statement.

"Our Hospital Network and Customers can now more easily and securely analyze their collective datasets to fill gaps in patient care, reduce costs, and speed time to insight, while in full compliance with data privacy requirements in Europe."

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