Alex Paquet, President and ‍co-founder of LeadFox, on the VatorNews innovation podcast

Steven Loeb · March 13, 2024 · Short URL:

LeadFox is an all-in-one, marketing software designed to boost digital marketing performance

On the VatorNews innovation podcast, Steven Loeb speaks with Alex Paquet, President and ‍co-founder at LeadFox, an all-in-one, marketing software designed to boost digital marketing performance.

Highlights from the call:

  • "A lot of SMBs don't have the right software to manage their marketing. Either they need to have big software and they need a big marketing team, or they can use software that costs $10 or $20 bucks... I discovered that there was no efficient solutions for SMBs to manage their marketing, so I created LeadFox. It's all-in one-marketing software, easy to use, all the good software and good apps at the same place, affordable, and a ton of templates to launch marketing campaigns."
  • "People like their brands, they like to buy products when they know the team, know the owner, etc. So, one of the important things is to create a human link with all of your customers. LeadFox creates those links to say, ‘you're human, you're a small business owner and not Walmart, so let's leverage this and let's communicate it as much possible to your customer. Let's communicate all the good things about your company, the themes, those little touches, like the feedback they want to receive from you.' So, LeadFox will create funnels and interactions with your customers to have fresh information on them and give them fresh information about you to create loyalty with the brand, to create a human and emotional link with you."
  • "How LeadFox works is that normally people arrive and they say, ‘I have this business objective: I want to generate more leads, I want to have loyalty, I just want to have better quality leads for my sales department.’ This will depend on the business needs. So, LeadFox will recommend the best marketing strategies to achieve these goals. For example, if the business says, ‘I want to have better loyalty,' LeadFox will recommend some strategies to engage the customer and we will create that. First, we will send new human news about your team and, after that, we want to receive information on your customer. Based on this information, we will have funnels and automatic communications to engage them. So, LeadFox will create all the text for these marketing campaigns for you and it will create all the integrations and all the designs on your pages, on your emails, all the configurations. Our marketing assistant will create all these configurations in our software, like the text, copyrighting, design integrations, and launch it for you. So, first you choose the strategy and, after that, we do all the architecture and the creations and the launch."
  • "My vision for LeadFox is to have performance in specific niches, to have to have 10 niches where LeadFox is leading the market and deeply know your business, knows all the data deeply, and knows all the marketing strategies for your specific niche deeply. So, when you are a user and you choose HubSpot, don't forget that HubSpot is a tool, while LeadFox is a marketing assistant. Our marketing assistant needs to know your business because we will manage all your marketing. So, to be in specific niches, LeadFox has a clear competitive advantage."
  • "Our superpower is to go where the other solutions are not going. Other solutions give you the tools and LeadFox is giving you the tools and the manpower, so our marketing assistant is powered by AI but it's like manpower. Our superpower is now your superpower when you’re using LeadFox, which is that we’re giving you a big marketing department at your service, Our marketing assistant is giving you design, copywriting, and text, and the best recommendations of the best marketing strategies to achieve your goals based on your data. We also create all the campaigns, so it's like you have a designer internally with a copywriter and with an integrator. We're creating marketing campaigns and doing that like it’s your personal team."

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