Amwell intgrates Suki's voice AI capabilities into its telehealth platform

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This collaboration Suki's reach to over 90 million people across 55 health plans

Suki is a voice artificial intelligence company that enables clinicians to focus on patient care by reducing documentation and alleviating burnout. Amwell, meanwhile, is a platform that supports telehealth during urgent, acute and post-acute care needs, while also supporting chronic care management and healthy living.

Now the companies have decided to team up, announcing on Tuesday that they are partnering in order to expand access to AI solutions that empower clinicians and patients.

"As in any medical specialty, telehealth providers are subject to time-consuming documentation that can lead to burnout and take away from patient care. Amwell is an innovative organization that looks to technology as one way to improve the provider and patient experience. It was natural that we partner, as our goals are very much aligned," Punit Soni, CEO and founder of Suki, told VatorNews.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Amwell, integrating Suki into their Converge telehealth platform as the core documentation engine. Our goal is for Suki to make healthcare tech invisible and assistive, and integrating with one of the largest telehealth systems in the country moves us towards that goal."

Suki's platform is able to complete administrative tasks, such as retrieving patient information from the electronic health record. In addition, the technology is able to become smarter by understanding the physician, adapting to things like their specialty, clinical setting and speaking style, in order to become more personalized.

The company helps clinicians complete notes 72% faster on average, and assists with other tasks including coding and dictation.

Amwell connects and enables providers across over 2,000 hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic, Northwell Health, and Intermountain Healthcare.

Its Converge platform offers a hybrid telehealth solution, working with providers and payers, to achieve their healthcare strategies. It allows them to tailor the experience to their brand; remove the need for app downloads, virtual waiting roomsl; offer pre-visit price transparency with real-time eligibility; and only show eligible services to each consumer.

With this partnership, Suki is now embedded within Amwell’s Converge platform; end users will use Converge to conduct their telehealth visits and Suki to complete their documentation.

"Voice is a faster, more natural way to convey information when compared with typing; AI speeds this up even more because it allows the user to speak naturally to complete a variety of tasks," said Soni.

There are already thousands of clinicians using Suki today through Amwell’s Converge platform. As organizations sign up to use Amwell’s Converge platform, those users will automatically have access to Suki.

The two companies have a shared commitment in advancing the healthcare experience for clinicians and patients alike through technological innovation, Soni explained.

"Utilizing Suki not only mitigates clinician burnout, a prevalent issue in the US attributed to extensive documentation demands but also fosters enhanced, personalized care experiences, resulting in increased engagement," he said.

"Integrating Suki enhances this mission by offering a better, faster way to document, so clinicians have more time and mental energy for their patients."

Suki has been growing a lot in the last year, having expanded the depth and breadth of its EHR integrations, while also announcing partnerships with Cerner and Meditech and deepening its integration with Epic. It also added new capabilities to Suki, including HCC coding and the ability to support users in hospital settings. 

The collaboration with Amwell extends Suki's reach to over 90 million individuals across 55 health plans.

"Our end goal is to lift the administrative burden from clinicians so they can focus on what’s most important: their patients.  Our partnership with Amwell enables us to work with an organization whose goals are very much aligned with ours, and expands the number of clinicians we can support to every Converge user," said Soni.

"Post-pandemic, telehealth remains an integral part of the medical ecosystem- we are thrilled to work with Amwell to support clinicians in this setting."

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