GE HealthCare and Biofourmis partner on at-home care

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GE HealthCare will use Biofourmis’ AI-guided algorithms to deliver personalized, at-home care

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic on the healthcare system was a shift to at-home care and remote patient monitoring. While the Mayo Clinic was one of the first hospitals to send acute patients home for remote care back in 2020, there are now around 250 similar programs that exist.

These types of programs are good for patients, as those who use remote solutions in their homes are three times more likely to be satisfied with the overall care experience, and for hospital systems, as they take away some of the administrative burden, while also decreasing the length of stay and readmission rates, resulting in a reduction in the overall cost of care.  

The latest company to expand into the at-home care space is GE HealthCare, which announced a strategic collaboration with Biofourmis, a biotechnology company that develops healthcare technology platforms for monitoring patients at home.

The Boston-based Biofourmis offers care-at-home solution for both virtual and in person care through its FDA-cleared AI-guided algorithms, clinical-grade wearable devices, in-home services orchestration technology, and nursing services. 

The company's analytics collect and analyze patient data in real time, providing insights that can help care teams deliver personalized care at home.

Its solutions include Hospital at Home, which uses continuous and episodic monitoring, AI-enabled analytics, and coordinated in-home services to deliver care at home, and Transitional Care, a care delivery solution that helps patients transition their care to their home.

Biofourmis also provide Timely Discharge, which combines acute and post-acute care capabilities, allowing patients to complete the last one or two days of their hospital stay at home, and receive remote patient management; SNF at Home Care, a delivery solution for patients requiring skilled nursing or therapy post-discharge that includes clinical and ancillary services, virtual visits, and remote monitoring; and remote patient management, a virtual care solution, enabled by personalized care plans, remote patient management, and patient engagement tools to help prevent decompensation post-discharge and reduce re-hospitalizations.

Through this partnership, Biofourmis' virtual care-at-home solutions will be combined with GE HealthCare's FlexAcuity monitoring solutions and its virtual care solutions like Mural ICU, Command Center and Digital CMU.

GE HealthCare plans to begin distributing Biofourmis solutions to customers in the U.S. starting the first quarter of this year.

"Biofourmis' demonstrated success with care-at-home solutions will extend GE HealthCare's current inpatient monitoring portfolio to support patient care from the hospital to home," Ashutosh Banerjee, General Manager, Cardiology Solutions & Remote Patient Monitoring, GE HealthCare.

"Combining our companies' demonstrated capabilities will help revolutionize the way we approach the patient care journey as well as help address current challenges faced by health systems including hospital capacity issues and clinical staffing shortages."

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