CitiusTech launches trust and safety tool for generative AI in healthcare

Steven Loeb · February 14, 2024 · Short URL:

It uses over 70 metrics and over 25 methods so organizations can develop and monitor the Gen AI apps

Generative AI was one of the hottest spaces of 2023, with startups raising close to $50 billion last year, and more than 70 fundraisings by startups developing large language models for chatbots, applying AI to create visuals, or setting up platforms for generative AI applications. Healthcare was no exception, with 87% of investors saying that generative AI solutions have influenced their investment strategies.

Yet, there's also a trust issue: a recent survey found that 86% of Americans say their biggest concern about Gen AI in healthcare is lack of transparency on origin and vetting of information used.

To solve for this, CitiusTech, a provider of healthcare technology services and solutions, announced the launch of the CitiusTech Gen AI Quality & Trust solution so that healthcare organizations can address reliability, quality, and trust requirements when developing Gen AI solutions.

The CitiusTech Gen AI Quality & Trust solution uses over 70 metrics and more than 25 methods across seven dimensions, Accuracy, Calibration, Robustness, Fairness, Bias, Toxicity and Efficiency, to help organizations design, develop, integrate, and monitor quality and facilitate trust in Generative AI applications.

The idea for the product came from CitiusTech's own clients, many of whom are working on Gen AI solutions, but 80% of which the company noted are delayed due to reliability and compliance concerns, due to lack of trust in Gen AI solutions.

"This is the pain point we are trying to solve for our customers, and the healthcare industry at large," Rajan Kohli, CEO of CitiusTech, said in a statement. 

"By prioritizing trust, quality, and reliability, we empower our clients to fully embrace Gen AI technologies, gaining potential competitive advantages in the healthcare sector. We are integrating this capability seamlessly into all our solutions and projects, ensuring our clients can confidently benefit from scaling Gen AI powered solutions."

The Princeton, New Jersey-based CitiusTech provide healthcare technology services and solutions to healthcare technology companies, providers, payers, and life sciences organizations,

Its products include Perfom+ DataScale, a healthcare data integration and management product; Perform+ Contracts, which gives health plans and provider groups control over their value-based contracts; Perform+ Regulatory, which enables healthcare organizations to manage their regulatory reporting requirements; and Perform+ Stars, which an AI-powered recommendation engine that enables health plans to obtain better data clarity and streamline decision support.

The company currently service over 8,500 healthcare technology professionals worldwide,  powering healthcare digital innovation, business transformation, and convergence for over 140 organizations,

CitiusTech’s Gen AI Quality & Trust Solutions fully integrate into existing MLOps, DataOps and Quality Management Solutions.

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