GuideHealth buys Arcadia's Value-Based Care Service division

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The two companies entered into a technology agreement to use Arcadia’s data analytics platform

As value-based care ties the amount health care providers earn to the results they deliver for their patients, data is crucial for understanding how those patients fared and if they saw any type of improvement. 

Guidehealth is an AI-enabled digital healthcare platform that supports health systems and clinical networks in value-based care; it embeds Healthguides and AI native workflows to surface predictive data of a patient. Arcadia, meanwhile, is a healthcare technology company that provides a data platform to providers and payers, taking diverse data and turning it into a something actionable.

Now the companies have decided to team up, announcing a deal on Thursday in which Guidehealth will acquire Arcadia's managed services organization (MSO) and Value-Based Care Service division, while also entering into a technology agreement in which Guidehealth will leverage Arcadia’s data analytics platform to power its the offering it has acquired. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

Guidehealth offers support to physicians by strengthening their relationships with affiliated networks, improving financial performance of value-based risk contracts, enabling growth of high-value referrals, and reducing administrative burden.

The company uses AI to predict which patients need specific care before they have a preventable health event; then its virtually-embedded Healthguides act as an extension of the PCP, connecting with patients and building relationships with their community before intervention is needed. The Healthguide works closely with the patient’s family to monitor care and status, and to help avoid preventable health events.

The MSO that Guidehealth has acquired helps improves processes for visit access and referrals, management of prior authorizations and utilization management, network administration, and paying claims to healthcare providers. In the last two decades the MSO and Value-Based Care Service division has grown to support 250,000 patients.

“A technology partnership with Arcadia provides us with access to proven technology and deep expertise in data management that makes sense for us and partnering physicians to leap forward, reducing administrative and clinical burden to manage risk and, most importantly, to serve patients better,” Dr. Sanjay Doddamani, founder and CEO of Guidehealth, said in a statement.

Founded in 2002, the Boston-based Arcadia works with payers and providers who use its healthcare analytics platform to get insights and deliver care.

For example, it can help with patient retention, helping healthcare networks strengthen their relationships with patients through data insights, automation, and augmented workflows, as well as patient engagement through the use if AI-enabled segmentation and communications tools.

“Arcadia is proud to have built a legacy of enhancing healthcare organizations’ abilities to improve clinical and financial outcomes,” said Arcadia President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Meucci.

“Partnering with Guidehealth will allow us to continue helping our customers succeed in value-based care and population health, while also empowering us to focus on our core business of providing a leading data platform for healthcare and further invest in our products that enable more complete and transparent decision making, ultimately leading to happier and healthier days for all.”

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