Twin Health raises $50M to target chronic metabolic disease

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The Whole Body Digital Twin is a dynamic model of each individual’s unique metabolism, powered by AI

Chronic metabolic disease historically hasn’t been treated, but rather managed through medications that often have serious side effects. Currently, treatments focus on managing the disease and preventing progression rather than targeting the root cause to heal the body, resulting in our healthcare system having hundreds of programs, a pipeline of high-cost medications, which are only getting more expensive, and causing people to feel there is no hope.

"There’s also a lack of education and general knowledge of what causes chronic metabolic disease, how to actually treat it, and that reversal is possible. People are sick, getting sicker, and giving up after so many failed attempts to control their diseases," Jahangir Mohammed, founder and CEO of Twin Health, creators of the Whole Body Digital Twin, a dynamic model of each individual’s unique metabolism, powered by artificial intelligence, that is built from thousands of data points collected daily via wearable sensors, clinical lab parameters, and self-reported preferences, told VatorNews.

"People are sick, getting sicker, and giving up after so many failed attempts to control their diseases."

The Whole Body Digital Twin service reverses, improve, and prevents chronic metabolic diseases, and now the company will be able to expand its technology and clinical service solutions to more members across the nation, as it announced a $50 million funding round on Wednesday.

Founded in 2018, Twin Health uses patented artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology, built on unique and personalized data collected from each member’s wearable sensors, preferences, and behaviors, to create the Whole Body Digital Twin, which is then used to create a personalized and customized treatment plan for each member based on their current metabolic health, to educate them, guide them, and ultimately empower them to reach their goal of healing their metabolic system.

The end result is reversal and prevention of chronic metabolic disease, medication elimination, weight loss, improving energy and physical health, and extending lifespan.

"The technology is extremely powerful in that it is based on wearable sensors that capture thousands of data points from each patient everyday and proprietary AI to make sense of all of this data, enabling it to be customized to each individual based on their state of metabolic health, daily behaviors, and activities," Mohammed said.

"With the Twin Health approach, the days of a 'one size fits all' approach to treating chronic metabolic diseases and other health issues are numbered."

When members join the program, the company works with them to get them set up with its app, answer all of their questions, help them schedule their lab appointments, which then feed into the Digital Twin technology, get them set up with our sensors, such as CGM, smart watch, and body composition scale, so they are ready to jump into the program. 

Once onboarded, members will interact with the mobile app to both input information and review their plan for improving their metabolic health, including daily food and exercise recommendations, and more. The Twin Health Care team will continue to interact with members throughout their journey to provide the highest level of care, be there to answer questions, and ultimately be a cheerleader for each member as they progress on their journey. 

"Beyond the powerful Digital Twin technology, our world class care team works with each member to guide them and assist them along their journey to a brighter, healthier future. We’re dedicated to the mission of helping people conquer their metabolic diseases and improving their overall metabolic health, and have achieved transformative results for so many members who tell us regularly that we saved their life," said Mohammed.

Twin Health currently has several thousand patients actively enrolled in the program and using the platform; meanwhile, it has expanded its reach with strategic partners in the employer and health plan domains to the point where it is covering over 4 million lives.

While typical healthcare benefit programs see 5% to 10% participation rates amongst the target audience population, across Twin Health' partner companies to date it has seen participation rates 2 to 3 times higher, approaching 30%.

Twin Health has shown to generate significant cost savings through the elimination of high-cost medications like GLP-1’s. The company has also been able to achieve 70% reversal of Type 2 diabetes and medication elimination, which has direct cost saving benefits to the patient as well as their health plan and employer. It has also seen an average A1C reduction of 2.9 and average weight loss of 16.6 pounds, in the first 6 months of care.

"Our growth is coming from both the partner side of the business as current partners rave about our results and the member side of the business as we continue to raise awareness amongst our partner populations of the benefits of our program in treating chronic metabolic diseases," Mohammed said.

The new funding round was led by Temasek, along with existing investors ICONIQ Growth, Sofina, Peak XV, and Helena also participating, bringing Twin Health's total funding to $250 million.

The money will used two purposes: first, scaling the business by signing more employer and health plan partners across the nation; second, to further build out its Whole Body Digital Twin technologies to improve the health and happiness of our members and partners, with the goal of building Twin into an enduring enterprise.

"Our mission is to help people reverse chronic metabolic disease, improve their overall metabolic health, and to be the best physical version of themselves. We believe that healthcare should actually address root causes and help people reverse and prevent diseases, not merely treat symptoms. The Whole Body Digital Twin technology is central to this mission and is what will empower our program and future product offerings," said Mohammed.

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