Laudio partners with AONL to help progress the nursing profession

Steven Loeb · December 12, 2023 · Short URL:

The partnership involves analytics and insights in real-time to inform the nursing workforce

In a time when healthcare workers are burned out and leaving the profession, frontline managers in healthcare need a better way to connect with their teams. That's what Laudio provides, automating repetitive work, and giving them daily recommendations and best practices that help them gain better visibility into their teams. The company uses AI to track information and report it in on a dashboard that helps nurse managers keep up with birthdays and service anniversaries, education and training accomplishments, and other events. 

Now the company is going to take its data and use it to provide analytics and insights in real-time to inform the entire nursing workforce, and it's doing that through a newly announced  strategic partnership with the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), an organization of more than 11,000 nurses with the mission to transform healthcare through expert and influential nursing leadership.

Together, the two companies will produce publications, including biannual reports, with the goal of enhancing industry visibility into the evolving roles of frontline leaders at health systems, enabling better decisions around organizational design, department structure, and employee engagement initiatives.

"We have been engaged with AONL for several years given our focus on empowering frontline leaders with our leader operations platform," Russ Richmond, MD, CEO and co-founder of Laudio, told VatorNews.

"AONL is a similarly data-driven organization and we have common goals around elevating frontline leaders and using data to inform organizational and leadership best practices. Forming this official collaboration and combining our analytics will facilitate even richer insights to inform strategic decision making and support frontline leaders, service line leaders, and health system executives alike."

Founded in 2018, the Boston-based Laudio partners with health systems across the country to help them boost leader efficiency, enhance employee engagement, and improve patient care. The platform is now used by more than 20 health systems and tens of thousands of frontline leaders.

Through this partnership, AONL will have access to novel data available through Laudio Insights, a new resource for novel data and evidence-based perspectives uniquely focused on dynamics affecting frontline leaders that the company launched earlier this month, while Laudio will have the opportunity to bolster it data with AONL’s data sources and engage further with their network of nurse leaders.

Part of the collaboration also means quantifying the value nurse leaders bring to health systems, which Laudio is able to do with its data and insights on areas such as organizational structure, culture, employee engagement, turnover, burnout, and patient satisfaction. 

The findings will also help health systems better understand the effect frontline leaders have in these areas, as well as trends affecting their work and the operational attributes that allow these leaders to be most impactful, Richmond said.

"Nurse leaders play a critical role at health systems, but there is a strong need for greater insight into best practices and trends involving their roles, responsibilities, leadership effectiveness, success factors, and so on," he explained. 

"Bringing a new level of understanding to the industry on these types of topics will inform future decisions that have an impact on the nurses they lead, patients they and their teams serve, and health systems they are part of – benefiting all involved."

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