Bayer partners with Salus Optima to help people meet their wellness goals

Steven Loeb · December 7, 2023 · Short URL:

The two companies will combine to give consumers AI-based tips and recommendations

Salus Optima is a company that aims to democratize human performance science and methodologies so it can help people achieve their health and wellness goals. It does this by building digital products for its partners specific needs through its software and data stack: that could mean complementing a partner's existing product, leveraging an off the shelf product it has created, or creating a new product entirely.

Its previous partnerships include Swiss Life, Premier Global NASM, the Kensington Wing, and McLaren; on Thursday, Salus Optima announced that it teamed up with the Consumer Health division of Bayer in its latest partnership, in order to empower people on their healthy aging journey.

This collaboration will combine Salus Optima’s consumer application, which provides an AI-enabled, 360-degree view of the impact of lifestyle choices and challenges that consumers face in addressing their health and wellness targets, with Bayer’s global footprint and its consumer health expertise and portfolio.

Together, the two companies will provide patients with tips, recommendations, and motivations that are personalized and data-driven, delivered through mobile apps, to help them achieve their individual lifestyle goals.

Founded in 2019, the London-based Salu Optima has developed products across spaces that include personalized nutrition, increasing sales and profitability by engaging digital companions; corporate wellbeing, increasing productivity by empowering a company's workforce with greater control over their health and wellbeing; and consumer health, layering digital with physical to give greater interaction with consumers.

For Bayer, meanwhile, this new partnership comes a little over a week after it announced a partnership with Hurdle, a diagnostic testing platform that provides a saliva-based biological age test. The company is hoping that the insights gleamed from that test will then encourage them to utilize Salus Optima’s digital application to define individual lifestyle goals as part of their healthy aging journey. Earlier this year, the company also launched its precision health business unit.

“There has never been a better time for our business to support consumer self-care. As the global population ages and we enter an era where many born today will live past 100 years old, understanding and taking action on aging, supported by data and science, is an exciting investment from us to our consumers," Patricia Corsi, Chief Marketing & Information Officer of the Consumer Health division of Bayer, said in a statement.

"With the integration of products, platforms, and devices powered by AI, we put self-care front and center for the people we serve with our business.”

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