IncludeHealth partners with patient acquisition company SocialClimb

Steven Loeb · October 31, 2023 · Short URL:

SocialClimb's orthopedic patients will have access to IncludeHealth's digital MSK assessment tool

IncludeHealth is a provider of musculoskeletal technology solutions, blending onsite and remote MSK care. It offering, called MSK-OS, is a remote care platform powered by computer vision to deliver personalized and measured care in patients’ homes. It runs on phones, tablets, and laptops without the need for any additional hardware or downloads and provides the patient real-time feedback, while also collecting objective adherence and performance data for their clinician to review in between visits. 

Until now, the company's technology was only available once a patient was already engaged in receiving care, where it would be prescribed by a clinician. That's changing now that it has partnered with healthcare marketing platform SocialClimb to get IncludeHealth into the hands of patients who need it before they see their doctor.

By combining their technologies, SocialClimb's orthopedic clientele will have access to a digital self-assessment tool provided by IncludeHealth, boosting online conversions and drawing new patients to practices.

"I met Ty Allen, CEO of SocialClimb, several months back and we started talking and thought that there was a unique opportunity to leverage our technology to really elevate that first touch point from a patient's experience with orthopedic practices," Ryan Eder, CEO and founder of IncludeHealth, said in an interview. 

SocialClimb’s platform offers a suite of tools that practices and hospitals can use to replace multiple point solutions, including its ROI tracking feature set, which can automatically track and report the actual value, in both patients and revenue, of each marketing campaign or activity.

As part of the implementation, the company integrates with the practice's management system and connects to their social platforms and Google accounts. The SocialClimb platform then helps the practice team optimize their listings for each location, get thousands of reviews for the doctors and locations, deploy google ads, and track the ROI on each activity.

"Ty's got a really unique platform that is really able to drive efficiency in patient engagement. We thought a way to even take that to the next level would be to leverage his computer vision where we could go beyond cold calls, or filling out online forms, and doing these interactive assessments with real time feedback," said Eder.

"It gives the patient visibility into their current state, while also giving us this information to the practice to help really personalize their outreach and send them on their care journey. So, it was almost immediate after talking to each other that we how these technologies could combine."

From the point of view of the patient, all they have to do is click a link, which might be on the landing page at an orthopedic practice, or on a social media ads; the link will be fully white labeled, meaning it will be powered by IncludeHealth but the patient will see the orthopedic practice brand. 

One they click, the patient will be asked simple questions, such where they're experiencing pain, which joint, and on which side. After that, their camera will turn on so they can do some functional tests to measure the range of motion and compare that to normative data for that joint. After they complete a multifaceted pain survey to help understand how much pain they're in, the severity of it, and how it's impacting their lives, that information is given directly to the patient so they have context into their range of motion and its current state, as well as to the practice.

The end result of partnering with SocialClimb is that it will get more practices onto the IncludeHealth platform, said Eder.

"this is the patient using a tech to be that first interactive touch point to start working with that orthopedic practice. You're now able to use this technology on both hands, where you're able to use it in care delivery, and also use it to drive more patients to your practice," he explained.

"Naturally, when you're successful on one side, that opens up doors for the other now that we have both of these available."

While the company doesn't share the total number of practices or patients it engages with, the company expects that it will have the first practices using this new version with SocialClimb starting next month.

"Our ultimate goal is to get patients the care they need. Our goal is to be able to get patients being able to use these initial assessments, get them paired up with their orthopedic practice and get them care. And so, the more that we can do through this partnership, the better," said Eder. 

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