Rightway and One Medical partner on primary care access

Steven Loeb · May 17, 2023 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/56c8

One Medical joins RightwayHub as an Integrated partner so employees can find primary care services

More than half of all Americans have health insurance through an employer, and while technology provides them with more information and choices than they've ever had, they still don't have the tools and resources they need to navigate a system riddled with inefficiencies and a lack of transparency. On the other side, employers are looking at ways to engage their population and address rising costs.

That's why Rightway was started: it provides an enterprise healthcare platform that enables employees to better navigate their healthcare plans and pharmacy benefits by giving them information on doctors, facilities, and services. They can also connect to a dedicated navigator who can help them find the most efficient and cost effective health services. 

Now, Rightway will be helping them navigate the primary care space as well thanks to a newly announced partnership with One Medical

"Both Rightway and One Medical are dedicated to ensuring that members always get the highest quality care at an affordable cost. The partnership with One Medical allows Rightway to provide members with seamless access to a best-in-class primary care benefit solution to ensure that they can visit quality providers nationwide," Jesse Sendyk, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Rightway, told VatorNews. 

As per this partnership, One Medical has joined Rightway's ecosystem partnership program, RightwayHub, as an Integrated partner in order to streamline access to healthcare solutions. That means that Rightway's clinical guides will help members take advantage of One Medical and follow up with them to support adherence as a way to increase engagement.

"RightwayHub brings together a range of vetted programs that together reflect a comprehensive benefits strategy across priority condition areas," Sendyk explained.

"One Medical joined RightwayHub as an Integrated partner to bring easy access to members looking for primary care services. Integrated partners are fully embedded within Rightway's care navigation platform with centralized reporting and simplified contracting through a single MSA, providing a more seamless and effective experience for employers and their employees." 

Founded in 2007, One Medical is a members-only technology platform that runs its own clinics across the U.S. For less than $200 a year, patients get access to health professionals, 24/7 virtual care, and same-day appointments. They are able to enjoy more quality time with their provider during longer appointments, they can e-mail their provider directly with follow up questions, get access to 24/7 phone support and stay connected and on top of their health with the One Medical mobile app. Patients can also schedule same- or next-day appointments via phone, app or online.

The company, which was recently acquired by Amazon in a $3.9 billion, has locations across the country, in cities that include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, the D.C. Metro Area, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, Seattle, and the SF Bay Area.

The partnership augments the capabilities of each partner's offering, Sendyk explained.

"Rightway provides a clinically-driven, high-touch navigation platform that helps members take advantage of One Medical at the right time in their care journey and follows up with them to support adherence," she said.

"One Medical is a primary care practice that makes getting care easier and faster anytime, anywhere — in their offices and on-demand 24/7 with their app. By partnering together, members receive further depth and flexibility for high-quality primary care services that Rightway recommends."

The ultimate goal of this partnership is twofold: first, to provide employers an offering that increases activation and engagement across both platforms and reduces total cost of care. Second, to allow employees to find the right provider in the quickest and easiest way possible.

"Rightway and One Medical could not be more excited about the partnership. By integrating in this way, both companies are streamlining access to primary care in order to drive down costs and deliver improved outcomes," Sendyk said. 

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