Koa Health and CoreHealth team up for employee mental health access

Steven Loeb · April 28, 2023 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/56ad

Koa Health's app will be integrated into CoreHealth's solution, so employers can engage members

Mental health problems among workers are rising: a survey released last last year found 87% of workers experiencing mental health symptoms, up more than 10 percentage points from just six months earlier. It also found 80% reporting feelings of anxiety/nervousness, 68% reporting feeling stressed, 67% reporting depression or loneliness, 64% reporting sleep issues, and 42% reporting anger or agitation.

On top of that, another survey found that only 51% of employees said they felt like their employers actively listen to their needs, and 46% believe their company invests enough in their mental health.

Koa Health, a provider of digital mental healthcare, and CoreHealth, a provider of digital health solutions, announced a new partnership on Friday to help alleviate this problem by allow organizations to more easily provide mental health programs to their workers.

Founded in 2016, the Netherlands-based Koa Health is a digital mental healthcare provider that  partners with employers, health plans, health systems, and providers to offer mental health solutions, including prevention and treatment, for various common mental disorders. 

Its products include Foundations, which it describes as "a digital-first, self-help app delivering a rich library of exclusive bite sized tools & interventions designed to drive positive mental health outcomes and long-lasting behavior change." Designed for employers, it helps teams handle everyday stress more effectively through exercises, give your employees access to activities curated by experts, and helps motivate staff to keep track of what’s stressing them and why with wellbeing tools. 

Meanwhile, CoreHealth, a subsidiary of Carebook, offers customized employee health and well-being programs, allowing employers to bring all of their wellness programming together on one platform. Its PaaS solution creates a complete picture of the wellbeing of workforce populations, so it can deliver targeted and personalized interventions. 

Through this partnership, Koa Health’s mental wellbeing app, Koa Foundations, will become part of CoreHealth’s partner network, and the app will also be integrated with the CoreHealth platform so that organizations to engage their members in their mental wellbeing.

“We’re excited to partner with Koa Health as we continue to build an ecosystem of best-in-class partnerships that utilize digital technologies to address employee health and wellness needs," Michael Peters, CEO of Carebook, said in a statement.

"By accessing Koa Health through the CoreHealth platform, organizations can quickly and easily roll out a mental health solution that supports mental wellbeing while reducing the administrative burden for busy human resources and benefits teams. This collaboration with Koa Health represents the furthering of our mission to deliver mental wellbeing solutions to employees on a global basis.”

(Image source: koahealth.com)

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