fabric partners with AWS to power e-commerce experiences

Steven Loeb · April 14, 2023 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/5698

The company has joined the AWS Marketplace, allowing it to co-market its products to AWS customers

Even as shoppers increasingly turn to online shopping and e-commerce, most retailers and brands are stuck using dated, legacy systems that handcuff their ability to create the best experiences for their customers.

"These old systems actually get in the way of growth," Faisal Masud, CEO of fabric, told VatorNews. The company's solution is the fabric Commerce Platform (fCP), a packaging of commerce modules that, together, provide merchandising and fulfillment capabilities that help power their ecommerce experiences.

Now, the company will be able to offer its e-commerce solutions to more customers as it announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), while also joining the AWS Marketplace.

As a member of the AWS Partner Network, fabric will have access to additional resources from AWS, such as dedicated technical assistance, which will help the company architect, scale, and optimize solutions for the cloud, as well as more easily integrate features and products with AWS services.

Founded in 2016, fabric target merchants with B2C business models across most verticals, with an emphasis on apparel, health & wellness, home, and direct brand segments.

"These modules are built API-first in order to provide flexibility for developers and connectivity within the digital commerce ecosystem and also include, where appropriate, user interfaces to support business user-friendly interaction and configuration of the fabric data models and application behaviors," said Masud.

"To complement these capabilities, fCP is pre-integrated with our preferred set of technology partners to create an end-to-end commerce solution with minimal development effort required for our merchants that choose these partners."

The company has built solutions to manage complexities, including catalog management.

"We flexibly and scalably support high quality catalog information with quality controls, consistent taxonomies, flexible collections, channel management, and product relationship management," said Masud.

It also provides Promotion and Pricing Strategies, which flexible management of promotions and prices by dimensions such as customer segments and product categories with applicability and stacking controls, as well as a Fulfillment and Logistic Network, for fulfillment and management of orders from a variety of locations including warehouses, retail stores, or dropship vendors.

As a part of the AWS Marketplace, the company will be able to co-market its products to AWS customers, which will help amplify fabric’s activities and extend its reach to other companies that want to leverage the cloud to advance e-commerce in more than 150 countries.

"Success for us means happy customers. This is the metric that matters to us the most," said Masud.

"We are working hard continuing to innovate on behalf of our current and future customers.  We have some exciting releases coming over the rest of the year so stay tuned for that news."

(Image source: fabric.inc)

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