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Posterity Health is one of the only digital platforms specializing in male fertility

Bambi Francisco Roizen speaks with Pamela Pure, CEO of Posterity Health and Shawn Ellis, Managing Partner of Distributed Venture.

Posterity Health is one of the only digital platforms specializing in male fertility that empowers, not just with information, but with actionable steps to improve your overall health and fertility.

Interview highlights:

- There is a rapid decline of fertility due to a number of reasons: couples marry later as well as environmental & chemical factors.

- In Posterity Health, males are being checked and educated. More and more couples are rushing to male treatment or male care.

- Fertility is a couple’s journey. Couple’s carry the child to term. In decades past, the burden was on the female infertility and the male's role was often overlooked.

- The latest innovation involves the effectiveness of fertility treatment using AI & diagnostic innovation.

- The latest innovations also touches delicate issues such as miscarriage, failed IVF, DNA fragmentation, sperm composition, and male fertility health. There is increased focus on thoroughly evaluating and treating male fertility.

- Posterity Health brings diagnostics to couples inproving access for couples trying to conceive by establishing virtual centers.

- Early diagnosis through ovulation tracking and sperm testing kits are being supplied to the household.

- A network of reproductive urologists is being developed specializing in male fertility.

- Posterity Health brings down costs by increasing insurance coverage. It's more economical.

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