UnitedHealthcare is giving its members cash to be healthier

Steven Loeb · February 9, 2023 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/562f

They can make up to $1,000 completing tasks like walking 5,000 steps or doing 15 minutes of activity

While the majority of people say they want to be healthier, the truth is that most don't do the work, literally: less than 25% of adults over age 18 meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise. At the same time, while almost 90% of employees have access to well-being programs through their employer, only 23% use them

People obviously need another incentive to be healthy, and for UnitedHealthcare that means giving them cold, hard cash. 

The company has introduced UnitedHealthcare Rewards, a new rewards program in which eligible members, including their spouses, can earn money by completing various daily health goals and activities. 

For example, the member can put paid if they put on a wearable compatible activity tracker, including a smartwatch or smartpho, and achieve 5,000 steps or more each day. Other tasks include completing 15 minutes or more of activity per day, tracking sleep for 14 nights, getting a biometric screening, completing a health survey, and selecting paperless billing. The company says it will also be adding more qualifying activities throughout the year.

Once these tasks are completed, the financial reward can either be added to a prepaid debit card or deposited into a health savings account. While the max they can earn is $1,000 per member per year, that will vary by plan and might be capped at $300.

UnitedHealthcare Rewards is already available to select employers with fully insured plans at the start of their new plan year; additional employers will have access to the program later this year, and the goal is to allow self-funded customers to purchase UnitedHealthcare Rewards next year. 

“UnitedHealthcare Rewards is a more modern approach to employer-sponsored well-being programs, leveraging gamification elements and giving members the opportunity to earn incentives for any number of activities that may promote health,” said Brandon Cuevas, chief growth officer, UnitedHealthcare.

“UnitedHealthcare Rewards can be a key step in helping more of our members get and stay healthy, prevent or more effectively manage chronic conditions and, ultimately, make health care more affordable for individuals and employers.”

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