Tony Lam, Shark Tank winner and CEO of Launchyourfirst, on the Future of Retail podcast

Krysti Keener · February 8, 2023 · Short URL:

Launchyourfirst invests, advises, or partners w/ startups as co-founder of food & beverage startups

Tony Lam is an investor and advisor to food and beverage startups. He sometimes take the position as co-founder. Some of his startups include Omni Bev, Wingstop and Mavens Creamery. He joined Bambi Francisco Roizen and Krysti Keener on the "Future of Retail" podcast, brought to you by Excelerate, a new podcast focused on taking a deep dive into the business of retail.

This podcast will bring on influencers and decision makers at large retail corporations as well as at innovative startups. Our goal for these podcasts is to understand how tech breakthroughs are radically changing retail – whether it’s the way brands and retailers understand their customers better or how the shopping experience can become even more convenient (beyond same-day delivery to your door and access to a near unlimited selection).

Both Krysti Keener and Tony Lam are Champions at Excelerate, a global club connecting startups and corporates through structured programs.  

A few takeaways –

  • Tony works and or invests in startups in the food and beverage space, such as Mavens Creamery and Wingstop, Omni Bev and many others. 
  • Tony talks about the process of getting on Shark Tank and Top Chef as a way to jumpstart a company's brand.
  • Tony shares ways in which young brands can use social media and other outlets to get noticed.
  • Tony’s expertise is in marketing consumer brands and how they can market themselves on social media or other distribution channels.
  • Given the dismal economic environment (gas prices and mortgage interest rates doubled and inflation at 40-yr highs), restaurants are struggling with higher rents, higher employer wages and consumers with lower discretionary spending. 
  • Innovation gaps Tony sees are in ready-to-drink beverages, guilt-free food products (food that uses healthier ingredients), or smart appliances, such as a smart refrigerator that knows the consumption habits of those who use it. 

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