How Time Management affects Our Mental Health

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Mental Health and Time Management


We often don't realize how much time management affects our lives. But if we look back at the pandemic and take the time to learn from what happened when we found ourselves with nothing to do with our days, we could realize the importance that it has and we could start to manage our time better. Here is a quick overlook of time management and how it affects our mental health.

Bad Time Management creates Confusion and Insecurity

If you look at the life of a typical person, you will find that time management happens during two distinct phases: When they are at work and when they are on their own. Employees often don't handle their time management during business hours, as it is done through the tasks assigned by the manager. They also don't decide when they will work. Although, these days, many companies offer flexibility on the subject, by using a digital schedule planner, which they can access and change, if need be. The fact that these people don't have to decide what to do with their time at work, can leave them wandering what to do with it, when they are at home. Since they don't have to think and optimize minutes and hours at the office, or wherever they work, they are often at a loss, when it comes to all the planning they must do outside their professional life.

If someone doesn't learn good habits in time management, either from their parents as a child, or through their job later on, it can lead to confusion in their lives, which will turn into insecurity. When you don't feel like you are in charge of your day, you quickly lose grips on the reality of things, and you fall behind. That is what creates the stress and the anxiety that comes with feeling insecure, as you don't fulfill all the roles that you have. For in truth, responsibilities never end, and those who can't meet them are left in a dark place in their mind, always afraid of what will come next.

Good Time Management enables Growth

On the reverse side, those who learn to manage their time well, place themselves in a position where they are able to grow. First, because they can actually find the time for learning activities, which includes school, training and other forms of formal learning, but also through life experiences. The accumulation of knowledge will lead the individual towards self-growth, as well as financial growth. For only someone who knows how to use his time well, can actually make it benefit his mind and his wallet, at the same time.

This growth will only be exponential for someone who possesses the understanding of great time management. It creates a large hole between those who suffer from being disorganized, and the others who are always in control. This is how powerful time management is, in regards to the way we live. Therefore, anyone with time management issues, needs to think about stopping life for a while, in order to learn and change their fate around.

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