Vicki Cantrell, CEO of Vendors in Partnership, on the Excelerate Champion podcast

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It's a mistake to focus on the transaction versus the relationship

Bambi Francisco Roizen speaks with Vicki Cantrell, founder and CEO of Vendors in Partnership

The Excelerate Champion Podcast, hosted by Bambi Francisco Roizen, brings on influencers and decision makers at Global 5000 companies and asks them about their challenges. The solutions they’re seeking and their strategic mandate. Think of the conversation as a reverse pitch. Those interviewed are Excelerate Champions. Excelerate is a unique community of corporate leaders and decision makers helping startups succeed. Startup founders therefore can hear from these influencers and understand how to engage with them and how to best approach them.

Vicki is also hosting the VIP Awards on Jan. 13, 2023 in person in NYC. Go here to get tickets and learn more. 

Also in this podcast, Vicki announces her new monthly podcast on VatorNews called: "'The customer's journey with you', an Excelerate podcast. In her podcast series, she will interview decision makers to learn about how to best develop relationships.  Some questions asked will be:

Q: How do you know who your customer is?
Q: How do you serve your customers?
Q: How do you cultivate that relationship?
Q: How do you develop trust and empathy?
Q: What mistakes do vendors (startups) make when approaching large corporations and viewing them as transactions vs relationships? 
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