Clinical trial recruitment platform Antidote partners with OneStudyTeam

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The two companies will combine technologies to streamline Antidote's patient management experience

Antidote is a free clinical trial search engine, serving two sides of the clinical trial marketplace: both patients and the projects looking for participants. That means that when a patient searches on its clinical trial search engine, called Antidote Match, the company uses that information to create a database of patients and health information to helps its clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO spaces work on their recruitment projects.

Now the company is looking to streamline its patient management experience, so it entered into a partnership with OneStudyTeam, a provider of a cloud-based technology to connect the clinical research ecosystem.

OneStudyTeam works with research sites, sponsors, and partners, such as Antidote, to reduce site staff burden by integrating patient recruitment solutions. Through StudyTeam, site staff can log into one system to manage all of their enrollment across all patient sources, connecting sites and sponsors in one hub so they can run trials more effectively. 

"Antidote’s recruitment services have focused on outreach, patient validation, and referring patients to sites, and OneStudyTeam’s platform has served sites and sponsors once patients arrive at a site. Our complementary technologies will provide a connected and streamlined experience from initial recruitment outreach and pre-screening all the way to enrollment," Laurent Schockmel, CEO of Antidote, explained to VatorNews.

"This integration allows us to better serve our clients by providing a streamlined patient management experience from recruitment to enrollment."

The two companies have shared missions related to streamlining clinical trial patient recruitment and retention, he said, and are bringing their technologies together as a way to provide sites and sponsors with a connected, end-to-end patient referral management experience.

"OneStudyTeam and Antidote Technologies have shared missions related to streamlining clinical trial patient recruitment and retention, and are bringing their technology together to provide sites and sponsors with a connected, end-to-end patient referral management experience," Schockmel explained.

Antidote and OneStudyTeam are already implementing their first joint client, which will have a direct view on their OneStudyTeam's dashboard of the status of all the patients that Antidote has referred to their sites. At the same time, Antidote will be able to receive feedback on the status of patients it referred from OneStudyTeam directly, removing that burden from the sites.

Antidote last raised funding in June 2021, and since then has invested in the development of its data insights capabilities, as well as in diversity, equity, and inclusion; that included adding race and ethnicity questions to Antidote Match.

"We gleaned some very interesting information on the diversity of patients who are looking to take part in medical research," Schockmel said.

"This information improves our ability to ensure patient populations in trials reflect those of  the real world, and is critical to clinical trials sponsors as recent guidance from the FDA recommends that they submit a 'Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plan' early in the clinical development process."

That interest in racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trial enrollment is also an area of focus for OneStudyTeam, and is another reason why the two companies decided to enter into this partnership. While Antidote’s outreach focuses on ensuring the right mix of patients is connected with each clinical trial opportunity, OneStudyTeam’s solutions provide insights into minority representation further down the funnel.

"When combined, this data provides sponsors with a complete picture of who is enrolling in their trials (and who is not), and allows for recruitment adjustments as needed to ensure the real world patient population is reflected in every clinical trial," Schockmel said.

Having heard from many clients that the clinical trial recruitment and retention process is disjointed, and sites are often overwhelmed, the goal of the integration between these two companies is to reduce site burden by making it as easy as possible for sites to follow up with and enroll patient referrals. 

"Sponsors will be able to glean actionable insights through this partnership, including which recruitment sources yield the most impact, ROI on advertising efforts, and if diverse patient populations are being enrolled in specific trials. Sponsors can expect to see higher quality referrals, better data, more impactful insights, shorter trial timelines, and better patient population representation."

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