VIDEO: Future of Behavioral and Mental Health - Mental Health post-Covid

Steven Loeb · October 31, 2022 · Short URL:

Panel 1: Ram Duriseti; Russ Glass, James Greenblatt, Clarice Schillinger, Stephanie Tilenius

At Vator's Future of Behavioral and Mental Health: Covid disrupted our lives and the collateral damage can be seen in higher levels of confusion, stress, eating disorders, anxiety, fragility, etc. This is a big picture look at how mental health deteriorated and the factors (conflicting science, lockdowns, isolation) that contributed to it and continue to do so.

Panel: Dr. Ram Duriseti, physician-scientists, Clinical Assoc professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford; Russ Glass, CEO Headspace Health; Dr. James Greenblatt, Chief Medical Officer, Walden Behavioral Care; Clarice Schillinger, Founder, Back to School USA; Stephanie Tilenius, founder and CEO of Vida Health.

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