BrightInsight brings Woebot Health, Xealth, and Claritas Rx into its Ecosystem

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The company also announced it joined General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network

Earlier this month BrightInsight, a platform for digitizing the medtech and pharma spaces, launched BrightInsight Ecosystem, a network of healthcare and technology companies. The idea is for all the partners to collaborate and to solve the biggest challenges in health, as well as to drive digital innovation, adoption, and engagement.

The impetus for launching this network was that "there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital," Kal Patel, M.D., CEO and co-founder of BrightInsight, explained to VatorNews.

"The BrightInsight Ecosystem includes leading companies with expertise across the digital health innovation lifecycle from investment to strategy to technology to go-to-market," he said.

"By leveraging the network of companies in the BrightInsight Ecosystem, our customers will have access to a wide range of experts and other leaders in digital health, that will enable them to build, scale and increase engagement and adoption of their digital health solutions."

The network is continuing to grow as, on Tuesday, the company announced three new partners for the program: mental health chatbot Woebot; digital prescribing platform Xealth; and Claritas Rx, a data integration and analytics company for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

They join pre-existing partners bioMérieux, Google Cloud, Lyniate, Slalom, Shapiro + Raj, Schlesinger Group, Roche, Rare Patient Voice, Novo Nordisk, New Leaf Ventures, Lyniate, Insight Partners, HealthXL, Guidea, GlobalLogic, General Catalyst, FPT Software, Flex, Eclipse, CSL Behring, and Cooley, bringing the total number of partners to over 20 in all.

Woebot, Xealth, and Claritas each bring relevant benefits to the Ecosystem and, in turn, to the company's customers, Patel explained.

For example, all of its customers are interested in integrating data into EHRs and the clinician’s workflow; by partnering with Lyniate, it enables rapid EHR integration across over 1,700 healthcare provider organizations, while the partnership with Xealth will enable BrightInsight to integrate digital health solutions into the prescriber’s workflow. 

"Our goal for the BrightInsight Ecosystem to have as many facets of digital health innovation, adoption and engagement involved so that biopharma and medtech companies building digital solutions are supported," Patel said.

"That includes bringing on companies with experiences in data integration, health system data management, patient apps and engagement and more."

General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network

Apart from the news about its new partners, BrightInsight also revealed that it has joined General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network, which is made up of healthcare technology companies, advisors and experts, investors, and strategically-partnered health systems across the country.

Through strategic partnerships with healthcare systems, the General Catalyst Health Assurance network covers approximately 10% of the U.S. population for delivery of care.

"The goal of the Health Assurance network is to drive greater collaboration between technology innovators and healthcare systems to accelerate the digital transformation of care and make it more proactive, accessible and affordable," Patel explained.

Launched in 2018, BrightInsight's platform includes features such as connected combination products and medical devices, algorithms, Software as a Medical Device, dosing calculators, and apps, all of which are designed to make it faster, and cheaper, for its customers, which include the world’s largest biopharma and medtech companies, such as Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca, Roche, and CSL Behring, to digitize. 

For example, BrightInsight worked with Roche to develop a digital dosing calculator to treat patients with Hemophilia A, while Novo Nordisk has partnered with the company to develop innovative solutions for diabetes patients. AstraZeneca, meanwhile, selected the BrightInsight Platform to support their digital health solutions at scale while maintaining compliance with privacy, security and regulatory requirements.

The company's products include a high-risk Class C Software as a Medical Device algorithm, and a rare disease patient support app. It also launched two new products this year: its Disease Management Solution and its Connected Diagnostics Platform.

As part of the Assurance network, BrightInsight will aid General Catalyst by helping systems pilot regulated digital solutions, standardize data integrations and, ultimately, accelerate digital health scale and adoption, Patel explained.

"Key to adoption of digital health is integration of these technologies into the workflows of providers and data systems in healthcare organizations. We are excited at the opportunity of working with many healthcare systems to help them adopt more digital solutions," he said.

What being asked to join the General Catalyst Health Assurance network really means to him, though, is that the work that BrightInsight has been doing has been validated. 

"Biopharma and medtech companies work with BrightInsight to build and bring to market digital solutions. To achieve the level of adoption and scale to make these solutions worthwhile, it is critical for providers and healthcare systems to be engaged from the start. General Catalyst’s Health Assurance network will enable just that."

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