Enzee raises $1.5 million to assist hospitals with quality assurance

Steven Loeb · September 14, 2022 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/54cd

The company also rebranded from its previous name, ZapIT! Medical

For hospitals, complying with all of the quality assurance requirements from regulatory, accrediting bodies and insurers is a big burden; that's partly because they currently manage their quality assurance records on paper. On top of that, routine quality control testing, which is part of the hospital quality assurance program, is also performed manually and recorded on paper or spreadsheets.

Enzee (formerly ZapIT! Medical) is bringing that process into this century with its cloud-based platform that helps measure compliance and quality.

"Demonstrating compliance with all of the standards is a monumental task - assembling binders and binders of paper records from all of the departments in the hospital," said Enzee CEO Bryon Murray.

"As a result, only a retrospective review is possible and thus, corrective action becomes almost ineffective and an understanding of the quality of the delivery of care is unknown day to day."

The company allows hospitals to provide better patient care, personnel can more efficiently perform and track required quality testing within departments, all while eliminating the inefficiencies of paper record keeping. It also makes it easier for administrators to assess whether departments are compliant with quality standards and are inspection ready.

Along with its rebranding, Enzee also announced a $1.5 million seed round led by Rev1 Ventures, with participation from Tamarind Hill, Harbor Street Ventures, M7 NEO, Redgrave Investments, Service Provider Capital, and others. The company had previously raised some money from Murray, as well as friends and family.

Based in Columbus Ohio, Enzee provides its customers, which range from small imaging centers to large healthcare systems with many hospitals within their system, with a quality assurance management application, routine quality control testing that's automated, and records that are maintained electronically. All of this can be access via a web app that provides a prospective and real-time understanding of compliance with quality standards.

"Prospective analysis provides real-time data for immediate action and predictive results. The measure of the quality of data emanating from medical equipment used to provide physicians the data they need to accurately diagnose a patient is tracked in real-time, providing quality data never available in a collated manner before," Murrary explained.

"Soon, all healthcare personnel compliance with continuing education, licences, training, and other credentials, which is another measure of the quality of care, will be tracked in real time."

Currently, Enzee has 54 customers and is used in over 100 facilities; by using its application, a small hospital can realize up to $150,000 ROI annually in one department, just based on the time savings from automated quality control testing, managing and analyzing the data and preparing for reporting.

"All of our customers have realized improvement in compliance with these standards. We are excited for the opportunity to compare data from compliance with quality standards to patient outcomes. This has never been possible before because the data Enzee provides prospectively simply wasn't available," said Murray. 

The company plans to use the new funding to build out its tea, specifically in development, sales, and marketing; when the company started the funding round it had 6 employees, which has now grown to 12, and it expects to hire several more in the coming months. 

Ultimately, what Enzee is doing is building a single platform for hospitals and healthcare facilities to get a true understanding of the quality of the delivery of healthcare, and helping to define quality in healthcare.

"With Enzee, we believe we understand all aspects of quality in healthcare, from the equipment and personnel providing the care to the processes in delivering the care. Developing a platform to bring all of that data together, we at Enzee know that we can improve the healthcare of patients worldwide," Murray said.

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