Article Forge is an AI writing tool that actually fact-checks itself

Josiah Motley · August 25, 2022 · Short URL:

By using a 'knowledge search engine,' Article Forge's AI keeps itself in check

If you are a marketer or have a business that requires you to create content, writing articles and newsletters becomes an extremely time-consuming thing. Outsourcing is always an option, but that can get expensive quickly.

Enter AI writing tools. These have gained popularity in the recent years, but many of them are still lacking that little something. By that, I mean it is often clear a computer wrote the post, and often, the information contained in the post seems a little bit off.

That's where Article Forge hopes to differentiate itself from the pack. The service has been created by machine learning researchers at These researchers are focused on improving AI technology in various fields.

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Article Forge uses similar technology to GPT-3 (a common tool used by many AI writing bots), but unlike some of its competitors, it also uses a built-in knowledge search engine.

Essentially, what this means is that while the AI is creating posts, it is checking itself against this knowledge base. This means that the writing will be constrained and will make it so Article Forge can't create content without being able to back it up with facts.

Making the process even more straightforward, the AI service can create full-fledged, 1,500-word articles from a single prompt. Of course, this SaaS also provides users with additional tools to fine-tune the generated content.

This could be extremely helpful for SEO-driven content or for business owners who don't have the time to even create an outline for AI-written content. Pricing seems reasonable as well, with basic plans starting at under $15 a month.

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