Health management platform Redi.Health partners with Labcorp

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Redi will give LabCorp a new ability to connect with patients with communications channels and tools

Redi.Health was founded with the goal of helping patients manage their health: the company builds tools specifically for patients with multiple chronic illnesses, which it then combines with more specialized support services through partnerships with various stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including specialty pharmacies, pharma manufacturers, or insurance company.

On Tuesday, Redi announced its latest partnership: Labcorp Drug Development, the contract research organization of the clinical laboratory network.

Going forward, Redi's digital support platform will be integrated into Labcorp Drug Development's Patient Access Solutions as a way to offer patients, and their care providers, communications channels and tools, with the idea of helping them better manage patient health.

"Labcorp is one of the best patient support providers in the country, and connecting with them and very quickly coming to a strategic partnership agreement to bring a really new solution to the market, is something that is indicative of what we're doing, why it's important, and how impactful it can be," Luke Buchanan, co-founder and CEO of Redi.Health, said in an interview.

Through this partnership, Redi will give Labcorp a new ability to connect with patients, while Labcorp gives Redi a better way to reach pharmaceutical manufacturers to connect with their patients, he explained.

For example, a pharma client might come to LabCorp because they want to distribute different resources and services, such as the ability to talk to nurse counselors, to have access to financial assistance, and to have access to different educational resources about the medication they are taking. Now, through this partnership, Redi would be a new distribution channel for those services.

"Oftentimes, in today's space, LabCorp would be doing that outreach via email or mail, maybe one way text message, and certainly by phone call. That works for a lot of patients in the space today but there is no real robust digital method in which that can all be distributed," said Buchanan. 

"LabCorp is absolutely unmatched when it comes to actual patient outreach, ensuring the quality of the support provided to patients on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers is of the highest factor. And what Redi can do is just broaden the applicability to patients when we have that partnership," Buchanan said.

"The value that LabCorp already provides to its pharmaceutical manufacturer partners, Redi can step in and just make that even better by providing a new digital pathway for LabCorp to then communicate with patients and provide patients several different options in which they can get in touch with the support they need for the medications that they're on."

While Labcorp and other providers might be focused on a particular medication, and providing as much support around that one medication for that pharmaceutical manufacturers as possible, Redi instead serves a patient for all their medications, conditions, diet, and exercise.

"Having that support provided by LabCorp, on behalf of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, sit next to what a patient can use for any aspect of their health, just creates a better one stop shop for that patient to be able to manage their health overall, and more conveniently access that support that is so needed for a complex area of their health," said Buchanan.

Founded in 2021 year, the Columbus, Ohio-based Redi partners with healthcare stakeholders who direct their patients to download the free Redi app, which aggregates other elements of their health, including exercise, diet tracking, medication tracking, and symptom tracking. 

Once a patient downloads the app, they go through the signup process, which is only three steps and takes just one minute, requiring patients to answer questions about what medications that they're on, what conditions that they have, and then some demographic information. After that, the platform adapts to that patient, bringing them relevant articles and tools that relate to their specific disease states.

The ultimate goal is to increase patient adherence, and to, therefore, improve the outcomes for all stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

"Redi’s goals are to serve as many patients that pharma is serving today, providing that support to them, and LabCorp is a great way for us to do that in a way that is a little bit more out of the box for manufacturers," said Buchanan.

"Rather than having to cobble a solution together from various different vendors, our partnership with LabCorp provides the ability for a pharma manufacturer to get this one stop shop solution of traditional methods of outreach and support, and our very robust and contemporary digital methods of outreach and support, in one single solution and one single transaction."

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