Allocations partners with MicroAcquire to help startups get acquired

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The companies are working together to connect entrepreneurs with acquisition opportunities

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For many, starting a business can be one of the most fulfilling - if not stressful - times of their lives. But, depending on the project, many entrepreneurs struggle to raise the necessary capital to bring their ideas to the public.

It seems like every day there are countless funding announcements for multi-million-dollar Series A and B rounds. That funding is typically reserved for people with connections or for those that have built successful products in the past.

For that reason, many startups instead focus on getting acquired, as it can be one of the best ways to help them see their dreams become reality. Even that can be difficult in a sea of other entrepreneurs and startups. Now, Allocations is partnering with MicroAcquire to help with that.

Announced in a blog post this week, the two companies are working together to connect entrepreneurs with "thousands of acquisition opportunities." Both companies have experience in this field.

Allocations helps companies raise capital through its private markets platform and MicroAcquire specializes in helping startups and entrepreneurs buy and sell startups. To date, MicroAcquire has helped finalize 500+ acquisitions.

“We started Allocations in 2019 to build a private equity economy that’s open to all,” Allocations CEO Kingsley Advani said. “With instant SPV setup on Allocations and vetted startups for sale on MicroAcquire, entrepreneurs have everything they need to identify and finance the best acquisition opportunities, allowing them to capitalize on their skill sets without resorting to restrictive debt.”

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With the partnership, startups and entrepreneurs on MicroAcquire will be able to tap into Allocations' platform to give them better access to those with money that are looking to fund acquisition projects.

As MicroAcquire CEO, Andrew Gazdecki, notes in a Twitter thread, "More and more founders are becoming first-time buyers. You don’t need to build from scratch to develop a successful business. With easy access to capital from Allocations, entrepreneurs have the means to easily acquire startups that best fit their skills and experience."

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