The future of connected fitness and health plans or benefits

Steven Loeb · January 21, 2022 · Short URL:

At Invent Health: can connected fitness inspire and reward people to work out more?

This week Vator and UCSF Health Hub held their latest salon called Primary Care and the New Medical QB, in which a group of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to discussed the future of fitness and how to motivate people to be healthier. 

Can connected fitness inspire and reward people to work out more? If more people work out and stay fit, healthcare costs go down. After all, exercise can prevent chronic conditions or postpone them. Technology can quantify our workouts and biometrics, so how do we leverage this activity data (generated at home or inside gyms) to inspire an active lifestyle and lower overall healthcare costs? What are the business models that work? And besides the consumer, who wins?

Moderators: Dr. Archana Dubey (CMO Consultant, HP; Chief Clinical Officer, AliveCor), Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder and CEO, Vator); Speakers: Justin Norden (Partner, GSR Ventures); Lauren Foundos (CEO,; Kevin Lynch (Investor, Maschmeyer Group Ventures), Mark Wan (Co-founder and Partner, Causeway Media Partners), Emma Maurer (VP of Sales, Peerfit)

Thanks to our sponsors: Forte, the provider of best-in-class on-demand and live-streaming technology to hybridize brick-and-mortar gym experiences. Plus, clinically proven to help increase motivation to quit while improving quit rates, Pivot is a holistic approach that combines an FDA-cleared carbon monoxide sensor with personalized content, community and live 1:1 coaching via mobile app that can be accessed at any point during a participant's journey to quit.

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Archana Dubey, MD

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Kevin Lynch

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Kevin is an investor on the MGV deal team and is primarily focused on investments in fintech, infrastructure, enterprise SaaS, deep tech, and ecommerce.

Bambi Francisco Roizen

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Founder and CEO of Vator, a media and research firm for entrepreneurs and investors; Managing Director of Vator Health Fund; Co-Founder of Invent Health; Author and award-winning journalist.

Lauren Foundos

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Justin Norden, MD, MBA, MPhil

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