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Helping women understand their menopausal journey can alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety

Bambi Francisco Roizen interviews Ann Garnier, Founder and CEO of Lisa Health. Lisa Health is a digital platform for menopause and healthy aging.

Lisa Health is a digital platform for menopause and healthy aging. The menopause market is pretty large but estimates vary. One estimate puts the market at $23 billion in the world by 2028. This estimate includes dietary supplements and medications. Another report estimates that women spend about $2000 a year on menopause and that one billion will be in that category by 2025, making the market $600 billion worldwide.

Here's some takeaways...

--85% of women reach natural menopause between 45-55 yrs old. The average age is 51. Natural menopause means 12 consecutive months without a period. Not all women experience symptoms, but many do. Those include hot flashes, vaginal dryness and sleep disruption. 

-- Women who reach menopause before 40 are at higher risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.  

-- A lot of women don’t realize they’re going through menopause and therefore may not be able to treat it holistically. Primary Care Physicians also don’t really know how to treat menopause. They may often prescribe hormone therapy which many women don’t want to take.  

-- Currently, Lisa Health provides a digital solution to help women understand where they are on their menopause journey and how to manage their symptoms. There are no coaches. 

-- There are no preventative measures to postpone menopause but healthy living can reduce symptoms. Also women who smoke are at higher risk of experiencing menopause early, thereby eliminating the healthy benefits of estrogen. Smokers are also at higher risk of experiencing hot flashes and other symptoms, 

-- In development are AI and sensor-based technology to detect biomarkers and deliver targeted therapeutics.  

-- How does one know the difference between fatigue from too much working to fatigue from menopause? There’s current criteria to evaluate whether a person is experiencing multiple symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles along with fatigue. This would indicate some menopausal causation.

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