Gary Hargrave of Hargrave Ministries and the AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research

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The Importance of the AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research


The AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research has been a positive force for good for Christian and Jewish relations. The Center educates Christians about the Holy Land, about how Jesus’ Jewish faith shaped the New Testament, and how archaeology is revealing new discoveries about Biblical times. The Center also strives to help people understand the current situation in the Holy Land.

Gary Hargrave of Hargrave Ministries explains why the AMI-Jerusalem Center is crucial to Jewish-Christian relations and why it is important to donate to this deserving organization.

The Mission of the AMI-Jerusalem Center

The Center is focused on expanding Biblical knowledge. The organization accomplishes this goal by organizing lectures and international conferences, travel and tours of the Holy Land for Christians worldwide, and distributing Bibles . The tours that the Center organizes include fascinating archaeological sites that deepen ones understanding of the Holy Land and its rich history.

The organization is concerned with helping people of Jewish and Christian faith understand one another and work together for a deeper understanding of their mutual history. The Center also seeks to educate Christians about the Jewishness of Jesus, explaining how His faith shaped the man we know as the Son of God.

Another of the Center’s initiatives is teaching Christians about the traditions and customs of Judaism. Frequently, there is a disconnect of knowledge about the ancient religion, which fuels distrust between Christians and Jews. Coming to understand the Jewish faith that Jesus practiced can lead to greater understanding between both religious groups.

Archaeological Studies

The history of the Holy Land extends many thousands of years, and archaeological digs are being conducted all over Israel and the surrounding countries that seek to shed light on how people lived, worked, and worshiped in those long-ago times. The AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research has been instrumental in leading tours to dig sites in various locations.

Discovering the Holy Land’s past can lead to a greater understanding of one’s own faith and the area's rich history. The AMI-Jerusalem Center wants to make sure that this knowledge is preserved for generations to come.


The AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Study and Research sponsors tour programs that help people from around the world experience the Holy Land in person. Being at the site of so many important religious and historical events can give a person a deep understanding of how their faith developed over the years. Hargrave Ministries emphasizes the importance of making a journey to the Holy Land and how such a trip can help Christians grow in in their faith.

The AMI-Jerusalem Center’s historical and geographical tours are renowned for giving a complete perspective on the Holy Land, its people, religion, and history. Through experiencing these tours, people of Christian faith will have a greater understanding of how their religion developed from its beginnings.

Supporting the AMI-Jerusalem Center

Gary Hargrave, Bruce Larson, and Hargrave Ministries are deeply involved in the mission of the AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research. Through financial and practical support, Larson and Hargrave help to bring a greater understanding of the Holy Land to Christians the world over.

Donating to the AMI-Jerusalem Center will enable it to continue its groundbreaking work to understand Israel and the Holy Land from a historical and personal perspective. Donors should be aware that their contributions will support the goals and passion of the Center as they work to document and pass on to others the history of the Holy Land.

Spiritual Growth Through Travel

Traveling to the Holy Land is a transformative experience for many people of the Christian faith. Walking in the footsteps of Biblical figures brings home the truth of the Scriptures in a way that is hard to achieve without going there in person. Many people who have traveled to the Holy Land cite their trip as one of the most important in their lives.

The AMI-Jerusalem Center can help pilgrims arrange tours to some of the primary sites in the Holy Land, allowing them to experience the area for themselves.

Making Donations to the Organization

Hargrave encourages donors to join him in supporting the AMI-Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies and Research. Through interfaith education, archaeology, research, and travel, the organization works to ensure that today’s Christians and Jews have a deeper understanding of one another.

Contributing to a charitable organization has rewards that go beyond the day-to-day. Having a connection with an organization like the AMI-Jerusalem Center can give donors the knowledge that they are helping to further the cause of interfaith understanding in the Holy Land and around the world.

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