Au Naturale: Lifestyle approaches to a lifestyle disease - Panel 5

Kristin Karaoglu · June 2, 2021 · Short URL:

Hear how modest changes to our behavior can reduce 80% of chronic conditions

Our final panel for the Future of Mental and Behavioral event on May 19 focused on behavioral changes to address lifestyle diseases. Chronic conditions are largely caused by bad behaviors, whether it's smoking, or eating too much or simply not exercising. 

This discussion focuses on how healthy eating, sleeping, exercising and praying or meditating can change our health for the better and reduce or eliminate 80% of chronic conditions.

Au Naturale: Lifestyle approaches to a lifestyle disease Moderators: Kym McNicholas (Editor-at-Large, Vator) Speakers: Dr. Pankaj Vij (Best-selling Author, Turbocharge your metabolism, Board Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine); Dan Pardi (CEO,; Neil Ahlsten (CEO, Abide Meditation)

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