Mental health startup roundtable at Future of Mental and Behavioral Health 2021 - Panel 4

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Mantra Health; Floreo; Daybreak Health; Mindset Health; Move This World; Tiatros; XFERALL present

Here are the companies that presented at the Future of Behavioral and Mental Health startup showcase: Alex Alvarado (CEO, Daybreak Health), Vijay Ravindran (CEO, Floreo Tech), Nathan Read (CEO, XFERALL), Chris Naoumidis & Alex Naoumidis (Co-founders & Co-CEOs, Mindset Health), Ed Gaussen (Co-founder & CEO, Mantra Health), Kimberlie Cerrone (Founder & CEO, Tiatros), Sara Potler LaHayne (CEO, Move This World).

This session is emceed by Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub). Kevin Lynch (Investor, MGV) and Nico Arcino (Executive in Healthcare & Technology / Advisor / Strategic Partnerships / Intrapreneur / Innovator / Public Speaker)

Here are the startups:

Daybreak Health, a company that specializes in providing online counseling services specifically for teens, helping to stabilize their mental fitness. 

Floreo is a company building virtual reality tools for people with autism.

Mindset Health helps manage chronic health issues like irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety with app-based hypnotherapy.

Mantra Health is a digital mental healthcare company designed for all university students.

XFERALL is a mobile application that automates transferring critical care, mental health, and substance abuse patients. 

Move This World is a social emotional learning program that provides PreK-12 students, educators and families with multimedia experiences empowering students to navigate the rapidly-changing realities of their world.

Tiatros provides tools for HR departments and benefits groups to better manage mental health challenges.


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Chris Naoumidis

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Kevin is an investor on the MGV deal team and is primarily focused on investments in fintech, infrastructure, enterprise SaaS, deep tech, and ecommerce.

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Executive in Healthcare & Technology / Advisor / Strategic Partnerships / Intrapreneur / Innovator / Public Speaker Head of Strategic Partnerships at Kaiser Permanente

Vijay Ravindran

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Founder and CEO at Floreo, leveraging virtual reality to deliver therapy to kids for conditions such as autism and ADHD. Former Chief Digital Officer at The Washington Post Co and early Amazon engineer (1998-2005).