Whisper announces the first upgrade for its AI-based hearing aid system

Josiah Motley · March 16, 2021 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/51fe

The company is also improving the experience for health care professionals

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The Whisper Hearing System is a hearing aid that is powered by AI and will learn from user feedback over time in order to provide a better experience. Now, the company has announced the first upgrade to the device and that upgrade is being pushed out to users. 

The goal of the AI-powered hearing aid is to give users an upgraded hearing aid without having to get new hardware every time. Using data collected from users, the company is able to improve the AI inside the hearing aid to give users a better hearing device. 

In the press release, Whisper states that it has now analyzed thousands of hours of audio data to improve the company’s AI-based Sound Separation Engine inside of the Whisper Hearing System. The company has reported that over 40% of people surveyed in Whisper’s Research Center have stated that they are able to hear voices better after the recent update.

In addition to improving the AI inside the machine, the company has also made updates to how hearing care professionals interact with the Whisper system in order to provide better care for patients.

Co-founder and president of Whisper, Andrew Song, notes in a statement, “This upgrade is a major milestone for hearing health, We are excited to deliver these improvements to Whisper users and help change people's hearing experience. This upgrade would not have been possible without combining the latest work from our artificial intelligence team with valuable feedback from hearing care professionals.”

Founded in 2017, Whisper has raised over $50 million for its smart hearing aid system.

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